Bushnell ADVANCE Micro Reflex Sight

Up next in our pistol mounted red dot series is the Advance from Bushnell.

The Advance comes in on the lower end of our price scale but still maintains some of the higher end features like having an IPX7 water submersion rating as well as being listed “shock proof”.

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PSA .224 Valkyrie 1/6.5 Upper

Over the past few months we’ve spent time with a .224 Valkyrie upper from Palmetto State Armory. This particular upper has one of the newer 1/6.5 twist 20″ barrels in it which is hoped to better stabilize the extremely fast .224 round at longer ranges.

Quick links-
.224 Valkyrie Upper- http://bit.ly/224upper65twist
Federal Fusion 90gr- –http://bit.ly/224fusion , http://bit.ly/224fusionmsr
Federal 60gr Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint- http://bit.ly/nosler , http://bit.ly/224nosler
Federal American Eagle 75gr- http://bit.ly/224ae, http://bit.ly/ae224valk Bushnell Engage 4-16×44 – https://amzn.to/2HLuX9q

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Are “accessories” covered under the Second Amendment? Should they Be?

Which of these is a firearm?

At first blush the idea of an “accessory” being covered as an “Arm” might seem odd or even silly to some of you but we live in a world where common sense and logic doesn’t really apply to those who want to destroy our freedoms.

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Warrior X drop testing and second look

After weeks of testing and near daily use here on the farm the results are. We push through daily hand held use every night, mounted use on rifles and drop testing to bring you a second look at the Warrior X.

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Big Green’s Triple Threat

Has Remington finally cracked the Da Vinci code and brought us a factory M1911 that’s affordable, reliable, accurate, and a suppressor host? Our quest brings us to Remington’s modern take on a 100-year-old relic.

Is this the Holy Grail of value?
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CMMG RipBrace

CMMG Rip Brace, utilizes CMMG’s “Fast Back” feature that allows the brace (or RipStock for the stock version) to deploy without having to bold the lever down.

We also use a CMMG GunBuilders kit for the lower parts and take a first look at the Holsun HS507C Read more »

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Bushnell Forge 4.5-27×50 FFP MIL reticle on Savage 110 tactical 6.56 Creedmoor

Happy New Year everyone, it’s the last day of the year and here is our final article for the year as well.

Today we’re looking at the Forge from Bushnell, our model is the 4.5-27×50 optic with the Deploy MIL reticle in the First Focal Plane (FFP).  Coming in with an IPX7 Water Proof rating and weight roughly 29 ounces, the Forge sits at the top of the trio launched in 2018 which also include the Prime and Nitro, for features and price points.

Setting the Forge ahead of the pack, at least the model we’re looking at today, is the FFP reticle, enhanced throw lever aka “Throwhammer” as well as RevLimiter zero stop and T-Lok turrets. An EXO barrier also coats the glass to help with rain and fog, as well as debris and smudges. Read more »

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GAW Updates and Black Friday / Cyber Monday Top Picks

GAW Updates:
-Congratulations to Greg L of Nevada for winning the Geissele SSP trigger!
-More GAW’s coming, two Olight flashlights are up next, just be subscribed to the 13C News Letter .

Black Friday / Cycber Monday top picks and honorable mentions- Read more »

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Hatsan FlashPup PCP Air Rifle Review and Accuracy

The FlashPup from Hatsan is available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers.  Our Flashpup in this review is in .25 caliber but other than pellet size the rifles are otherwise identical.  The smaller calibers will have a greater magazine capacity and get more shots per tank of air.  All three variants use the same 165cc air cylinders.

We cover everything from accuracy to loading the magazines and refilling the air tanks as we introduce PCP Air Rifles to the channel for the first time.

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Riton RT-S Mod 5 GEN2 6-24X50IR-FFP Scope

After 3 months of testing on several different rifles, including an air rifle, the results are in for the Riton RT-S Mod 5 GEN2 6-24X50IR-FFP Scope.  We also talk about the RT-M 30mm/1IN Precision QD scope mount as well.

At an aggressive price point this optic has a number of features normally reserved for optics almost twice as much Read more »

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