July 2015

DPMS G2 vs SCAR17 accuracy testing w/ Federal Gold Medal Match ammo

I get asked time and again my favorite .308 rifle and to be honest the SCAR 17 still tops my list.  I was also getting asked, what about your favorite .308 that won’t break the bank? That’s what initially led me to the DPMS G2 line and specifically the Recon model.  I’ve done reviews on […]

Mobile target stands and building your own

As many of you know the 13C range is currently under construction, in fact it’s about a 1/3 done at this point. The problem I’ve been having in the interim is with target stands, I can’t set up anything permanent right now because more dirt and heavy equipment is still being delivered and maneuvered. You’ve […]

Spending money on quality gear.  Is it worth it?

In need of a better, and more mobile, canopy for the new range project I was searching on the Costco website and in addition to finding a decent easy up / one person setup canopy that should work I also came across a ” TX40 tactical weapon mounted light” for $65. The light, from Coast, […]

Beretta ARX-100 review, magazine compatibility and disassembly.

In our latest video we take a look at the Beretta ARX-100 and it’s features including a full review, changing ejection sides, changing the charging handle location as well as a break down of the rifle and some preliminary accuracy results. In addition we cover magazine compatibility and what will and won’t work. You can […]

FN has a new entry level AR.  The FN15 1776 .

Right off the bat I have to say I love the name.  FN USA has a new AR15 out… I know, I know, hold on.  Yes the market is saturated but it seems to me FN is filling a missing product niche: something entry level that won’t break the bank. Speaking of breaking the bank, […]