January 2014

CT already looking to give amnesty for those who didn't register.

As the end of the year came to a close I wrote an article about how Connecticut gun owners who had “assault weapons” or “high capacity magazines” had to register by December 31, 2013. Several things were pointed out in that article, including how low the number of registrations actually were.  50,000 ‘assault weapons’ and […]

Senator from CA shows his ignorance of firearms in an epic way.

It seems like any time an anti self defense politician from California holds a press conference about firearms they say or do something that shows how little they know about the items they want to ban and the Rights they want to deny you.  State Senator Kevin de Leon took that normal level of  ignorance […]

Alabama man shoots would be assailant in a Dollar General store.

The story is a bit bizarre, a man entered a Dallas County Dollar General store and started waving a gun.  The motive isn’t clear yet but when made the clerk and another customer enter a back break room, the customer decided it was time to put and end to the insanity. Initially the store has […]

Ruling: Chicago ban on sales and transfers of firearms are unconstitutional.

A federal judge has ruled that Chicago’s ban on the sale and transfer of firearms inside city limits are unconstitutional. The 35 page ruling by U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang had some notable quotes: “The stark reality facing the City each year is thousands of shooting victims and hundreds of murders committed with a gun. […]