June 2014

USSC ruling on straw purchases... felonies for everyone.

In a shocking display of contempt for the Constitution, not to mention the actual laws enacted by Congress, the USSC ruled 5-4 today that any person buying a gun for any one else is committing a felony.  Period. Wife buying for her Deputy Sheriff husband with no criminal record?  Felony.  Period. The ruling stems from […]

T-REx rail for the IWI Tavor

The 13C video review and blog article for the T-REx rail are live! It’s a very solid aftermarket rail from Homeland Guns and definitely worth taking a look at if you are searching rail options for your Tavor. You can see the YouTube review here: The written article is live over on The Bang Switch […]

Breaking: Armed 'civilian' stops mass murder spree in Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV:  Two suspects went on a “revolution” rampage in Las Vegas today. Details are still emerging but a man and woman walked into a Cici’s pizza (ignoring the no guns sign) and shot two Metro PD officers who were having lunch. The female shot officer Soldo in the back of his head while […]

Nearly 300,000 Californians vote for gun smuggler

In March TBS covered a story out of California about Senator Leeland Yee.  The short of the story is a rabidly anti-gun Senator got busted trying to set up an internal arms deal involving everything from machine guns to rocket launchers. This week nearly 300,000 Californians voted to nominate that very same man to be […]