June 2016

BREAKING: Fast and Furious firearm possibly used in Paris Attacks.

As if the bungled “Fast and Furious” debacle couldn’t get any worse, there are reports breaking that one of the firearms used in the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, AZ and an individual with ties to the program. For those not familiar with the “fast and furious” program the short version is […]

American Eagle Fresh Fire packs in the 13C pond, 1 year results

After a year in the 13C pond and underneath a tree here at the hacienda we open up and shoot some Fresh Fire Packs from American Eagle by Federal Ammunition. These cans are nitrogen purged and “Water proof” and “Weather proof”.  The results are in and personally I don’t see how they could have preformed […]

My favorite carry method right now, Undertech undercover

Today I would like to introduce you to my new favorite concealed carry style. Undertech Undercover  Women’s Concealment Shorts.  I bought these from A well armed woman when they had their mother’s day discount sale. I must admit I have been super curios about these for a long time.  I would go to the site and […]

Griffin Armament Resistance 9 Silencer

Hearing loss is no joke and with more states relaxing laws on NFA (National Firearms Act) items such as Silencers it’s long over due for 13C to bring you more reviews of Silencers, sometimes also referred to as suppressors. Our review on the Resistance 9 from Griffin Armament is live over on our YouTube Page […]