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Review and take down of the VZ-2008

The review of the VZ-2008 I picked up from Aimsurplus is live on YouTube- We’ll be teaming up with Military Arms Channel for a comparison of several different [..]


Confiscation of ‘registered’ weapons about to begin in CT. Updated with notice

“Registration always leads to Confiscation”. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Registration eventually always leads to confiscation. For those gun owners who dropped their registrations [..]

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Unbiased customer reviews worth more for companies than advertising? Some of us already knew that.

A recent article on caught my eye.  It’s about establishing your business on “review sights”.  The gist of the article is about how important online reviews are [..]

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Massive Civil Disobedience: The media is starting to recognize Americans don’t want to register their firearms.

As previously reported here on 13C less than 50,000 assault weapons were registered in Connecticut prior to the December 31st deadline. Initial media spin reports blamed it on [..]

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