Warne QD XSKEL mount

Warne makes the leap into Quick Detach with their QD XSKEL mount.

Warne released their new QD XSKEL mount this year and after putting it through it’s paces over the past couple of months, we can say they did a fantastic job on it.

The XSKEL designation comes from the Skeletonized build and it’s made from 6061 T6 aluminum . There are also steel inserts for the #8 Torx style screws to prevent stripping of the screws in case you go over board on the torque as well.

Locking QD levers on the XSKEL after some rain between shooting sessions

The QD levers are robust, easy to adjust and lock into place to prevent accidentally un-mounting your scope if something snags the levers. To release them, you need to pull back on the tab before bringing the level forward.

Return to zero testing

One of the true tests of any QD mount is it’s return to zero after dismounting and remounting it. Take a look above for the results: 100 yards, 77 gr Federal OTM ammunition.

Be sure to check out the full video on YouTube, GunStreamer and Full30 as well.

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