The Dangers of a Possible Executive Order on “Militia Rifles”

What the government giveth, the government can taketh away.”

Seal_of_the_President_of_the_United_States.svgWe’ve received a number of messages and emails this weekend about the text of a possible upcoming Executive Order from President Donald Trump and we’re going to dedicate this article to the text of that possible E.O. as it has been released.  According to TTAG, the possible text of the E.O. is from Virgin Attorney Lenden Eakin.

First let me say I don’t believe there is anything purposefully nefarious about the E.O. or it’s intentions but like anything we must be wary of unintended consequences as well as Read more »

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The new El Camino Silencer from Q – “UnPossible”

In our latest silencer review we take a look at the Q “El Camino” from .

The El Camino is user serviceable suppressor with an outer diameter of barely 1″ ,  an overall length of 5.9″ and a feather weight 4.3 ounces.

It’s a quiet and handy .22 caliber silencer rated for up to Read more »


Marc Krebs installing UFM rail and M4 stock adapter on my SAR1 AK47 plus field testing.

IMG_20170205_131439We had the pleasure of visiting Marc Krebs of Krebs Custom at his shop last weekend and while we were there he personally installed their UFM Short rail as well as their M4 stock adapter on old SAR1 AK-47.

It’s always pleasure getting to see Marc, Read more »

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ECHO trigger from FosTech, practical use and full review

echo 3 rounds air 1The ECHO trigger from FosTech is a blast to shoot, no doubt but what about it’s practical applications?

Bumpstocks, while a fun way to send lead down range in a hurry aren’t very practical.  I know some guys who can get off bursts fairly accurately but with all that sliding around, it just isn’t suited for much more than having fun.  There is nothing wrong with that but what about sending a lot of lead down range AND being able to drop quick controlled pairs when you want to? Read more »

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Review: ThermaCELL ProFlex heated insoles – How I keep my feet warm

ThermaCELL ProFLEX Heavy Duty Heated Insoles with Bluetooth controls.

thermacell pairI spend a lot of time outdoors, even in the winter. I find it difficult to keep my feet warm in situations I’m either standing or sitting still for long periods of time.  Even with my -40 degree Bogs water proof boots, sitting on my UTV plowing my driveway or laying perfectly still while predator hunting my feet would be freezing within half an hour or so, even with temps only in the teens.

Like everything we test here at 13C we use our products quite a bit before rendering a final verdict and with 2 months of use, we’re ready to render a verdict on these high end insoles. Read more »

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Firing the new Hudson H9, initial thoughts and impressions

Joe 13C H9 brass in air

13C at Industry Range Day SHOTshow 2017 w/ the Hudson H9

In our first article about SHOT Show 2017 we are going to cover one of the biggest hypes going into it, the Hudson H9.

Companies have to be careful when coming into a product launch with such a large build up, if you over hype the product or it’s capabilities you run into the issue of under delivering and disappointing.   One would think marketing companies would be quick to temper some of the hype or claims so that a new product would exceed expectations rather than fall short. Read more »

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Back up Iron Sights? How and why we decide what gets them and what doesn’t.

aimpoint-t2-h2-pro-yt-wpBack Up Iron Sights (BUIS)

We get asked quite frequently “Why don’t you have back up sights on that?”  or “What no BUIS? That’s gutsy”

Sometimes we also get comments such as “Why do you have backups with an Aimpoint on there? It’s not like the Aimpoint is going down on the range.”

First let’s cover the “Aimpoint reliability” issue.  Aimpoint has a great history and track record for being very, very reliable sights, even under adverse conditions.  While highly unlikely, any thing (including irons) can fail. For a review of the 3 Aimpoints in this picture click HERE .

Rifles that get backups- Read more »

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KRX Tactical 12ga Shotgun review and disassembly -TriStar

krx-firingTriStar prides itself on being the “Value Experts” and their lines of hunting shotguns have been well respected for years.  The KRX is definitely a departure from more classic style shotguns the company has been known for.

Externally patterning itself the beloved AR-15 it has very familiar controls.  The magazine release, bolt hold /release and safety are all in the traditional locations and the shotgun features the last round bolt hold open feature as well. Read more »

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Review: Rugged Suppressors Surge w/ 300blk , 308 and 5.56

surge-tavor-snowIn our latest review we take a look at the Surge from Rugged Suppressors and Silencer .  Testing includes a CMMG AR15 in .300blk , DPMS G2 Recon in .308 and the IWI Tavor X95 in 5.56 .

In the next few days an article will be out here on 13C about using the Surge while predator hunting and the fantastic results from last weekend.

You can find the full review on the 13C YouTube Channel .

Important Data points: Read more »

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Review: Complete 6.5 Grendel upper from Wolf Performance Arms

wolf-grendel-upper-shooting6.5 Grendel is a rapidly growing caliber and many shooters are venturing into it.  Wolf Performance Arms has teamed up with Anderson Manufacturing to bring a complete US made upper to the market at a reasonable price point.


The key features of this upper are:
-16″ 1-8 twist barrel threaded 5/8 -24
-A2 flash hider and handguard
-7075 T6 forged flat top upper
-complete 6.5 BCG and standard charging handle
-barrel face depth .135

You can find the full shooting review on the 13C YouTube Page .

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