Rugged Suppressors Oculus 22

The Rugged Suppressors Oculus 22 silencer. It isn’t often a 22 can reaches up and grabs me right by the feels but this one did.

At 5.25″, 6.9 ounces and 1.06″ diameter in the full configuration it isn’t the shortest, lightest or thinnest can on the market but the extra ounce or so and .06″ is more than worth it when you look at the full picture.

Rugged claims “no first round pop” in the full 5.25″ configuration and honestly I can’t Read more »

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ATI T3 TacLite Stock, Strikeforce Forend, Halo heat shield for Mossberg and Remington shotguns

***ATI GunStocks is currently extending a 25% discount to 13C Subscribers for all orders placed at  with code below.

I’ve owned a Mossberg 500 for nearly 20 years, it’s been a great shotgun but as the years have gone by I’ve found myself letting it sit in the back of the safe collecting dust.  With a few simple upgrades, I’ve found a renewed interest in this ‘old workhorse’. Read more »

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Attempted 1,000′ ban in LaPorte County “dead” after scores of citizens pack meeting


Roughly 48 hours ago news broke that the LaPorte County Commissioners would be considering a ban on the use of firearms (and potentially air guns, bb guns and even bow and arrows and other devices capable of firing a projectile) within 1,000 feet of a residence.

This evening Citizens packed the commissioners meeting to voice concerns.  The room was at capacity, for both seating and standing room and the wallway outside the meeting room was completely filled.  Staff had to open the adjoining room and doors to accommodate the crowds.

Earlier the Commissioners had removed the proposed ban from the agenda but scores of furious residents attended the meeting anyway Read more »

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BREAKING: LaPorte County, Indiana proposing 1,000′ ban on private property shooting

BREAKING!!!! Attention: LaPorte County Indiana Gun Owners, the County Commissioners are considering an agenda item THIS WEDNESDAY 4-19-17 at 6pm sharp.

The anniversary of Lexington and Concord of all days!!!

The new ordinance would ban the discharge of a firearm within 1,000 feet of a residence. This would effectively ban shooting on private property for virtually every resident in the county.

The meeting is THIS Wednesday 4-19-17 at 6pm, public comment is at the beginning of the meeting so please be punctual. Public comment is 2 minutes per person on agenda items.

The meeting is held in the county complex on the first floor by the sheriffs office.

Please spread the word and show up!  Contact information for the Commissioners is below

Read more »

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F23 Knife Maintenance Kit from Breakthrough Clean and Hoback Knives

The F23 Knife Maintenance Kit is a partnership between Breakthrough Clean Technologies and Jake Hoback Knives. The kit centers around the F23 knife oil and Break Through Clean Military Grade solvent.

I’ve been familiar with and used Breakthrough Clean products for a couple of years now and I’ve been pleased with the performance of their non toxic lubricants  and solvents when I’ve used them, so the notion of a dedicated specially formulated knife oil caught Read more »

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Holosun PARALOW HS515C-U Circle Red Dot review

Holosun PARALOW HS515C-U Red Dot review, testing and water submersion testing.

The HS515C-U is a 5.6 ounce optic which features a crisp 65 MOA Circle and 2MOA cent Dot reticle.  During the course of our testing we’ve bumped it around and during the final review we do a submersion demonstration on camera to help prove the IP 67 rating for dust and water resistance. Read more »

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Gemtech GM-9 Silencer Review

A look at the Gemtech GM-9 Silencer both dry and “wet”.

The GM-9 is a user serviceable monocore silencer and includes the necessary pistol booster, or Linear Inertial Decoupler (LID)  as Gemtech has named their version, which is more generically referred to as a “Nielson Device”.
Read more »

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Krebs Custom UFM Long Rail, MK6 Safety and Peep sight install

We take a look at the Krebs Custom UFM Long rail, peep sight and MK6 Enhanced safety upgrades for the AK47 / AK74 and Marc Krebs goes over installing all three on the 13C YouTube Channel. Read more »

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Alpha Silencer from Griffin Armament

In my quest for a small, lightweight .30 caliber silencer that provides as much sound suppression as possible for it’s size we came upon the Alpha from Griffin Armament.

The Alpha comes in at 14.5 ounces with an over all length (OAL) of 7.6″ and outer diameter of 1.5″ and checked all the boxes thus far.  It also has a full auto rating, lifetime warranty and can handle up to 300Win Mag.

Sound suppression is impressive for a package this size and Read more »

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Constitutional Carry Interview with Indiana Rep. Jim Lucas and NAGR issues

Constitutional Carry in Indiana continues to move forward but recently the National Association of Gun Rights (NAGR) attempted what can only be described as grand standing by convincing Indiana Rep. Curt Nisly to try and offer a new amendment to bill set for a vote that was substantially similar to current legislation already being considered (HB 1159 authored by Rep Lucas). Indiana House rules prohibit such amendments and Chairman Bosma ruled against it. Rep. Nisly appealed and no one seconded his appeal so it died, as it should have.

It was after this that Rep. Lucas decided to end his association with NAGR and let Hooisers know exactly what had occurred.

NAGR took this opportunity to try and call out Representative Lucas for “turning his back on gun owners” with a fund raising hit piece. Read more »

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