Integral 10/22 Suppressor from Yankee Hill Machine

yhm 1022 barrelWe have the Yankee Hill Machine Integral 10/22 Suppressor in for testing from Silencer Shop . com and we answer your top questions on this barrel / silencer combo in our latest video live on the 13C YouTube Channel.


Rapid Take Down Kit from Mid America Armament

maa rtd sideMid America Armament has a new Rapid Take Down Kit out featuring a free float rail with a quick release lever and matching barrel nut to replace your existing barrel nut.

The system allows you to go from a rifle broken down into several smaller components to a fully assembled ready to shoot rifle in under 30 seconds.

Caliber changes, from 5.56 to .300 blackout for example, can be accomplished in under a minute if you pick up an extra barrel nut.

In our preliminary testing it would appear that point of impact shifts are about 1.5″ or less at around 100 yards.

The full review, including more testing of the new Hexmag Series 2 magazines, is live on the 13C YouTube page

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Griffin Armament Recce 7 – day and night

recce7 pic wm 11We take a look at the Griffin Armament Recce 7 from Silencer Shop.  The Recce 7 is a 30 caliber silencer rated for full auto fire and up to 300 win mag.

Team it up with a CMMG Mk4 HT 300 blackout upper and some American Eagle Suppressor ammunition from Federal Premium and it’s one ridiculously quiet setup.

We also fire some .308 through it as well are do some night shooting as well as giving the new Hexmag Series 2 magazines their first workout.

You can catch the review on our YouTube channel


HTC Low Profile System – High Threat Concealment

The in depth review of the Low Profile System from High Threat Concealment just went live on the 13C YouTube Page


Canik TP9SF review

tp9sf sit talkOur review of the Canik TP9SF is live on YouTube.  The TP9SF is being imported by Century Arms and comes in at a very attractive price point.

From Cerakote finish on top of the phosphate finish to 18 round Mecgar magazines and a match grade barrel, this handgun deserves a closer look, we think you’ll agree.


BREAKING: Fast and Furious firearm possibly used in Paris Attacks.

paris-11a_3500551bAs if the bungled “Fast and Furious” debacle couldn’t get any worse, there are reports breaking that one of the firearms used in the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, AZ and an individual with ties to the program.

fastandfuriousmapFor those not familiar with the “fast and furious” program the short version is the government ok’ed the sale of firearms to known criminals in the hopes of busting more criminals.  The overwhelming majority of cases had criminals getting away with weapons scot-free and little to know prosecutions.  These firearms have been linked to numerous crimes both in the US and abroad including the  murder of a US Border Patrol agent and one firearm winding up in the hands of a would be jihadist in Texas.

If that sounds outrageous, understand that Fast and Furious didn’t occur in a vacuum. Other “operations” with movie titles, such as Castaway, occurred all over the county and saw many weapons allowed to fall into the hands of criminals, including being sent out of the country.

It’s still a bit too early to tell if this firearm was a direct result of Fast and Furious but considering the information Judicial Watch is obtaining, I’d be putting money on it coming from the program.

We’ll have more information available on this when it becomes available both here and on our social media pages.

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American Eagle Fresh Fire packs in the 13C pond, 1 year results

FP_AE_XM855FF30_556FMJ_open_C shrunkAfter a year in the 13C pond and underneath a tree here at the hacienda we open up and shoot some Fresh Fire Packs from American Eagle by Federal Ammunition.

These cans are nitrogen purged and “Water proof” and “Weather proof”.  The results are in and personally I don’t see how they could have preformed any better.

The video is LIVE on the 13C YouTube page right now-


My favorite carry method right now, Undertech undercover

13413636_10154197914170420_8629671196590843876_nToday I would like to introduce you to my new favorite concealed carry style. Undertech Undercover  Women’s Concealment Shorts.  I bought these from A well armed woman when they had their mother’s day discount sale. I must admit I have been super curios about these for a long time.  I would go to the site and add them to the cart only to think I really need to lose a few more pounds before I try this ( the struggle is real) so on mothers day I decided screw the extra pounds I wanted to give it a whirl….and let me tell you I am so glad I took the plunge and I so wished I would have when I first wanted to. These are amazing!

I wear these everyday.  I wear these around the house. I wear these to the store. I even wear these to the GYM! yes, to the gym. The concealment these offer are on point. I meet with my trainer a few times a week and I decided to give it a go. Why not? So after my workout I ask my PT if he noticed anything about me that day.  (we were in the private training room) I did a full circle twice and slow. His reply was what? I then lifted my shirt. his face said it all. That’s concealment. He then said he had no idea. 13307227_10154166918910420_8831735039330220657_nNo one yet has been able to tell. In fact my own husband was a little surprised while on the porch I reached around and whipped out my 9mm while talking shop.  Concealment.

Did I mention yet these are fairly comfortable. I bought a size smaller in anticipation of me losing more pounds. (which I have) and they fit when I got them and they still fit. I will say when I do shrink out of them (and I am on a path to) I will buy another pair.  I love them that much. Joe thought that I would be uncomfortable in the car or sitting but I haven’t had any of that. They are very wearable. I love that it gives me a bit of a control top like spanx.  It doesn’t squeeze the life out of me either. It’s the perfect tightness.

The only problem I have found with these is if I wear shorter shorts. I do have a solution for this issue. I roll them up. fixed! Other then that they are my perfect concealment. The price for these runs about $49.99 and they range in sizes xs-2xl.  your color choices are black, white and nude. I chose nude so if they do happen to unroll a bit it’s not very noticeable. I love everything about this holster.  Until next time be safe and PEW PEW PEW!



Pic from a well armed woman website










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Griffin Armament Resistance 9 Silencer

IMG_0088 skrunkHearing loss is no joke and with more states relaxing laws on NFA (National Firearms Act) items such as Silencers it’s long over due for 13C to bring you more reviews of Silencers, sometimes also referred to as suppressors.

Our review on the Resistance 9 from Griffin Armament is live over on our YouTube Page , be sure to check it out as well as our friends over at They have a great selection of silencers and can also squeeze you in under the wire with a Gun Trust as well.

Look for more silencer reviews coming up in the near future.

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13C Range construction is LIVE!

IMG_8914 cropThe 13C range unveiling and construction video is LIVE on the 13C YouTube channel.

A lot of requests for this video, hopefully I covered all the questions everyone had, if not please let us know.

We’ll also have a review of the Short Range Rifle Target from up in the next few weeks.

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