CZ P10C Suppressor Ready: A Hot Mess

Fraught with malfunction from the first round fired, we walk you through the past 6 months

With an expected uptick in silencer videos, I was on the hunt for another 9mm suppressor host to make testing and comparing various cans easier. Comparing 3 different 9mm cans? Running them back to back to back in a single clip without cuts or edits can be a huge benefit for those watching. Don’t worry, we’d still run them all on the same host as well but being able to bouncing from one to another for certain things is really helpful.

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13C Media channel launches on YouTube

13C Media on YT will focus on news, commentary and live streams

Recently the 13C Gun Reviews channel on YT was fully demonetized . From a momentary stand point, the impact will be minimal, virtually every video on our channel had been restricted leading into this latest YT move but the real issues are how that relates to features we can use on the channel.

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IWI Masada ORP Review

The brand new Masada ORP from IWI US.

We’ll cover accuracy, reliability and even throw it up into the air to test this new Optics Ready Pistol.

Rumors of the Masada hitting the US market have been swirling for awhile now and over the past two months we’ve been testing one for IWI here at the hacienda. I really wanted to chime in on a few of the occasional posts I’d come across but being under an NDA, I had to keep my thoughts to myself. Now, I can finally spill all of that tea.

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How to fly with a firearm- Step by step and dispelling the myths

It’s easy, it’s fairly simple and you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t start checking a firearm in your luggage years ago.

Usually while on vacation, or out of town on business, I’ll occasionally make a post on social media about my vacation EDC setup. These posts always garner questions about various steps on the process of flying with a firearm.

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Bushnell SMRS II Pro

In a crowded field of variable powered optics Bushnell pushed further into the foray earlier this year with a new offering for 2019, the Elite Tactical SMRS II Pro.

Today we take a look at the final piece of of Sandbox Tactical Box build, the optic. Initially my plans for this build were included a red dot but after accuracy testing, I felt a red dot would really down play the potential versatility of this rifle.

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Vanquest Envoy Messenger Bag

The Envoy 13 and 17 are the fourth generation of messenger bags from Vanquest, expanding on an already solid platform

The Envoy series builds on the previous three generations of their messenger bags with some well though out upgrades and listening to customer back about things they’d like to see added.

For our purposes we selected a Envoy 13, it’s the smaller of two bags and rated for a 13″ laptop. You guessed it, the Envoy 17 is a nod to the 17″ laptop it can hold.

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Warne QD XSKEL mount

Warne makes the leap into Quick Detach with their QD XSKEL mount.

Warne released their new QD XSKEL mount this year and after putting it through it’s paces over the past couple of months, we can say they did a fantastic job on it.

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Quarter Circle 10 9mm AR pistol review and full build walkthrough

9mm AR’s don’t have to be finicky. Build it right, from the start, and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

They’ve been called “legos for adults” and for good reason, the now ubiquitous AR15 is one of the easiest things to build you’ll come across in the firearms arena. Building, or more precisely assembling, a 16″ AR15 in the common 5.56 caliber and with all ‘mil-spec’ parts is relatively easy and fairly straight forward.

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ALG Defense ACT review and Giveaway

The Advanced Combat Trigger, or ACT, from ALG Defense is probably as far as you can take a mil-spec trigger and still be considered ‘mil-spec’.

Before we get into the details of mil-spec, and perhaps bore you to death, I’d place the ACT at the pinnacle of performance of ‘mil-spec’ triggers. There isn’t much more you could do to a ‘mil-spec’ trigger before it would no longer be ‘mil-spec’.

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13C Launches a Patreon , what’s changed and how you can help.

In the past a few folks have suggested we start a Patreon account to help offset some of the costs associated with running the channel.

As many of you know, I’ve been a life long firearms enthusiast and I bought my first longarm at 18 and my first handgun at 21.

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