August 2013

XDS 9 and 45 recall issued by Springfield Armory

Right on the heels of the S&W Shield announcement Springfield Armory has issued a recall of some of it’s popular XDS 9 and XDS 45 3.3″ pistols. My XDS 9mm falls in the recall range and I’ll be keeping everyone updated on how the recall progresses.  To date, I have not had any malfunctions with […]

S&W Shield safety alert issued today.

Today, Smith and Wesson has announced a safety alert that has the potential to cover virtually every single Shield on the market today.  For those with one of these faulty pistols, it is a serious condition that should be addressed immediately. The recall covers “ALL M&P Shield™ firearms manufactured before August 19, 2013.” “Smith & […]

Student shot by instructor at safety class in Ohio.

Complacency is always waiting, right alongside Mr Murphy, even in a safety class.   A 73 year old Ohio firearms instructor had a negligent discharge in one of the Concealed Carry classes he was teaching and let a round fly into a desk.  The round ricocheted off a desk and struck Michael Piemonte in his arm. […]

Starbucks Appreciation Day 8-9-2013

A small anti-gun group has called for a boycott of Starbucks on Friday 8-9-2013.  As in previous attempted boycotts, supporters of the Right to Keep and Bear will be flocking to Starbucks to show their support for a company that refuses to ban firearms on it’s property, even after protests and some negative press. The […]