January 2016

Savage Arms at SHOT show 2016 and the new 110 BA Stealth

While at SHOT show 2016 I broke news of the new Savage Arms 10 and 110 BA Stealth rifles via our social media pages: Facebook.com/GunReviews and Instagram.com/13Cgunreviews . While the 10 and 110 series aren’t new to Savage the Stealth is and it shaves down some weight as well as the price tag yet still […]

SHOT Show 2016 coverage delayed due to flood...

Yes, you read that correctly but the flood is actually at the 13C hacienda.  Upon returning from SHOT Show 2016 I found a pipe had burst here completely flooding the garage,  it would seem we had a long power outage with the temperatures hovering near the 0 degree mark.  My main focus over the weekend […]

Selecting an AR15 and the Mk4 RCE from CMMG

In a previous article we talked about the question of “Which AR should I buy?” and how it isn’t as straight forward of a question as it might first seem. Today I’ll talk about some of the features I look for in a an AR-15 and things to keep in mind while making your selection, […]