January 2015

Number one with a bullet.

Bill Whittle and Truth Revolt Originals has put out a fantastic video documenting and condensing what we here at 13C have been saying for years. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  It may sound cliched but it’s truth. How can the USA be #1 in gun ownership, nearly twice the second place country, and […]

Constitutional Carry: Indiana HB 1144 needs your support

State Representative Jim Lucas has been a supporter of the Right to Keep and Bear arms for some time and now he is leading the charge to make Indiana the Sixth state to have “Constitutional Carry”. What is Constitutional Carry? It involves repealing draconian gun laws that place undo burdens on law abiding citizens who […]

StealthPro Ultra Concealment Armor

This is part 3 in an on going series on armor and armor choices for home defense and EDC. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I don’t personally feel the need to wear armor on a day to day basis but having something in the kit allows you the flexibility to have that option should […]

Soft armor for home defense or EDC.

This article is part 2 in an on going series.  Part 1 can be found HERE. In the past body armor was something most people didn’t seriously consider as part of their home defense strategy or for EDC.  As things start to come full circle, the idea of keeping armor with your home defense gun […]

Opening a Champagne Bottle with style.

Style and champagne go hand in hand.  Even in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse you are going to need to maintain some semblance of flair and dignity while also looking badass. Lets face it, when an overwhelming zombie horde is about to over run your position, you best bet is to dazzle them with […]