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Number one with a bullet.

Bill Whittle and Truth Revolt Originals has put out a fantastic video documenting and condensing what we here at 13C have been saying for years. Guns don’t kill [..]

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Constitutional Carry: Indiana HB 1144 needs your support

State Representative Jim Lucas has been a supporter of the Right to Keep and Bear arms for some time and now he is leading the charge to make [..]


StealthPro Ultra Concealment Armor

This is part 3 in an on going series on armor and armor choices for home defense and EDC. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I don’t personally [..]


Soft armor for home defense or EDC.

This article is part 2 in an on going series.¬† Part 1 can be found HERE. In the past body armor was something most people didn’t seriously consider [..]


Opening a Champagne Bottle with style.

Style and champagne go hand in hand.  Even in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse you are going to need to maintain some semblance of flair and dignity [..]

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