August 2014

Tragic accident in AZ, 9 year old loses control and shoots her instructor

A tragic story out of Arizona.  A nine year old girl on vacation with her parents got an opportunity to fire an Uzi at “Bullets and Burgers” an outdoor range about 60 miles south east of Las Vegas. The instructor, Charles Vacca, can be seen instructing the girl moments before the tragic accident. As a […]

Adding Body Armor to your kit.

The first thought that pops into a persons mind when they hear body armor is usually “When would I need something like that?”.  It’s a fair question and one that I’ve frequently thought myself, considering I don’t currently find myself being shot at, let alone threatened with weapons any more, the subject of armor isn’t […]

and... we're back up!

Thanks for your patience everyone.  During the physical move the 13C website was also ‘upgraded’. WordPress and my hosting site (1and1) apparently don’t always play nice.  The good news is we are back up, the bad news we lost over a months worth of content here on the site. I’ll try and recover what I […]