December 2013

Volunteer Santa shot on camera on Christmas Eve handing out presents.

Some things you just can’t make up. What sort of sick and depraved lunatic would shoot a volunteer Santa as he prepares to hand out toys to children in a crime ridden and economically depressed neighborhood?  Police are on the hunt for that douche bag right now. Xavier Hawkins was that volunteer Santa and the […]

A look at some post repair XDS concerns.

Those of you who follow 13C know I had quite a bit of experience with the XDS 45 prior to buying my XDS in 9mm.  I had a chance to evaluate a few T&E guns as well as those friends and colleagues purchased themselves. While I wasn’t in a rush for a new EDC (every […]

My latest article is live over on The Bang Switch about Rights and the term “Constitutional rights”. You can read it here: