May 2016

Lethal Lace sexy and concealed.

While at SHOT Show I was able to meet with the inventor of Lethal lace.  Tessa Renaud has provided a product that I have been testing since SHOT Show. The things I will cover in this article are: what is Lethal Lace?  How it works and where can I get one?  I have taken my […]

X95 accuracy questions and answers.

By far the most asked question this week has been about my Tavor X95’s accuracy.  I managed to make it home from work in time on Friday to break out a rest and some match ammo and see just what I could squeeze out of my X95. Using some XM855 I had mixed results.  The […]

While at the Big 3 East Training Center last month I had a chance to sit down and talk with Scott from WAC Outdoors LLC . If you aren’t familiar with his channel or work, he deals with everything from Bow and arrow hunting, including primitive as well as hunting, fishing, survival and bushcraft skills. […]