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Mother shot by her 2 year old in a Walmart today.

Those of you who follow 13C know I advocate on body carry, first and foremost.  Off body carry, IMO, is for those circumstances when on body carry is [..]

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Murdered on his doorstep. A firearm isn’t a magic talisman.

DONATION PAGE for Mr Tapia- Less than a mile from my old house a man was murdered this morning.  Alex Tapia was, by all accounts, a good husband [..]

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Dr Ben Carson and the Second Amendment

While was down I wrote several articles as usual, one of them was The Bang Switch and about Dr Benjamin Carson’s Second Amendment statements. In it I [..]

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I’m happy to say the 13C site is back up again!

I am seriously considering moving away from both WordPress and 1and1 hosting after this latest bit of down time and lost posts.  I’m not sure I believe 13C [..]