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Bushnell at SHOT show and their new "Yes that's covered"

Technically Bushnell announced their new No Questions Asked  warranty about a week before SHOT show 2016 at the ATA in Louisville, KY but it was during SHOT show I got to go over the new warranty policy with JJ Reich and Jake Edson in person. The new, or perhaps I should also say extended, warranty […]

SHOT Show 2016 coverage delayed due to flood...

Yes, you read that correctly but the flood is actually at the 13C hacienda.  Upon returning from SHOT Show 2016 I found a pipe had burst here completely flooding the garage,  it would seem we had a long power outage with the temperatures hovering near the 0 degree mark.  My main focus over the weekend […]

Black Friday 2015 sets firearms NICS checks record.

The FBI is reporting a new one day record.  Over 185,000 NICS background checks were performed on Black Friday 2015. Ironic that just days before President Obama was asking Americans to talk about guns over Thanksgiving dinner.  It looks like his plan had some unintended consequences! Considering the recording breaking number of firearms checks, I […]

This story, and many others like it, is precisely why I advocate on body carry every moment you aren’t actually in bed sleeping or taking a shower. One minute, at 6:26 in the evening, your relaxing in your recliner while the wife hands out candy, then at 6:27, 4 men force their way into your […]

Third Annual IV8888 RangeDay hosted by IraqVeteran8888

The Third Annual IV8888 Range Day was again a huge success, even if mother nature did her best to try and sabotage it. The event is a gathering of content creators from all across the country where they can spend time with each other and manufactures going over the latest offerings as well as the […]

Why I am against purse carry.

Why shouldn’t I carry my gun in my purse? As a female with a concealed handgun license it’s tempting to just toss your gun in your bag and go. After all you have it on you, right? As a woman it can be somewhat of a challenge to carry and still be sexy, fashionable or […]