Halloween Home Invasion, Homeowner fights off 4 men.

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While on body carry is preferable, having a backup plan is just as important.

This story, and many others like it, is precisely why I advocate on body carry every moment you aren’t actually in bed sleeping or taking a shower.

One minute, at 6:26 in the evening, your relaxing in your recliner while the wife hands out candy, then at 6:27, 4 men force their way into your home armed with at least a rifle and a shotgun after ringing the bell and saying “trick or treat”.

Luckily the husband had a firearm close by last weekend and was able to access it quickly.  He fired a single round which missed the suspects but scared them off.  As they scurried away like the cowards they are, they dropped both a shotgun and a rifle.

Neither of the elderly couple was injured and police are still searching for the suspects according to the this story.

On body carry ensures you are never out of reach of your handgun.  Imagine if this gentleman had been getting a drink of water or in bathroom when the thugs barged in?  Would his handgun have been wedge in his recliner (or where it was stashed) ?

If you have on pants or a robe, there is no reason not to have at least a small Back Up Gun (BUG) in your pocket.

If you absolutely refuse to on body carry, or you want to bolster what you do carry around the house, consider quick access discrete storage from a company like Tactical Walls , you can see a previous review of their Rifle Length Shelf HERE .

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