Interview with Main Stream Media? Don’t do it.

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Joe from 13C’s recommendation “Just say no!”

To those in the firearms industry and community: Do NOT talk to the Main Stream Media. Don’t do it. Seriously, don’t. There truly is very little, if any, upside.

If you want to talk about something, please contact us or another unbiased source that won’t twist your words or selectively edit your comments to make it seem like you support something you don’t.

If you simply cannot keep from talking to someone from the mainstream media, I (or another industry media professional) can help you by being there and recording the entire interview simultaneously to have an accurate record of what was said.

Keep in mind though, if the media is doing a hit job, their version will still be out there and unless it is truly blatant you may have little to no recourse other than posting the unedited footage.

Again, please, if you are considering a MSM interview, reconsider.

If you have a favorite company or know of a company that could use this reminder, please share this post with them and/or tag them.

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