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Complacency. WI man dead after negligent discharge to his femoral during reholstering

Friday evening a Wisconsin man, Timothy Phonisay, shot himself in his right thigh at approximately 11pm in his home. It appears that Mr Phonisay was reholster his pistol, [..]

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An Airman, a National Guardsman and a civilian walk onto a European train. And kick ass.

Meet Airman Stone, one of 3 Americans to foil what would have been one of the worst mass shootings on board a European train from Belgium bound to [..]

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Donald Trump on the Second Amendment and AR-15’s

While at the 2015 NRA annual meeting Joe was able to ask Donald Trump about his thoughts on the Second Amendment and more specifically about AR-15’s. You see [..]

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SS109 / M855 ban: what you need to do and what you shouldn’t do.

For those who aren’t familiar, you can find the proposal HERE. When the story initially broke, I made some simple social media posts and shares and didn’t feel [..]

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BREAKING: Bans on interstate FFL to private individual handgun sales are unconstitutional

2/11/2015 BREAKING: In a striking blow to Atty General Eric Holder and B. Todd Jones of the BATF, A Federal ruling out of Texas declares that the bans [..]

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Number one with a bullet.

Bill Whittle and Truth Revolt Originals has put out a fantastic video documenting and condensing what we here at 13C have been saying for years. Guns don’t kill [..]

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Mother shot by her 2 year old in a Walmart today.

Those of you who follow 13C know I advocate on body carry, first and foremost.  Off body carry, IMO, is for those circumstances when on body carry is [..]

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Murdered on his doorstep. A firearm isn’t a magic talisman.

DONATION PAGE for Mr Tapia- Less than a mile from my old house a man was murdered this morning.  Alex Tapia was, by all accounts, a good husband [..]

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Dr Ben Carson and the Second Amendment

While was down I wrote several articles as usual, one of them was The Bang Switch and about Dr Benjamin Carson’s Second Amendment statements. In it I [..]

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Spotlight: 2014 BullPup and Zombie shoot.

This year the annual Zombie Shoot at the Aurora Sportsman Club was combined with the 2014 BullPup shoot.  In the unlikely spot of Waterman, IL hundreds of BullPup [..]

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