Mission First Tactical AR-15 upgrades: spice up that base AR.

A question we get a lot here is “I bought a base AR, what can I do to spice it up that won’t break the bank?”

Some options are very easy and cost effective.  The TP15MRS drop in rail, for example, completely changes the front end of your rifle and has an MSRP of under $40.  This is probably the best way to get that ‘spice’ without breaking the bank.  It not only looks great, it’s also extremely well made and the addition of MLOK slots adds functionality as well.

In our most recent review on the  13C YouTube Channel  we went through four different accessory changes we made to a basic AR 15 upper and a base lower on another rifle:

TP15MRS Drop in Rail
EPG27 Engage pistol grip
Battlelink Minimalist Stock with NRAT strap
E2ARMD4 Muzzle Device

We also continued our testing on the MFT SCPM556 30 round Standard Capacity Magazines, which have continued to run flawlessly.  You can find the full review here:

There are a ton of ways to change up your AR’s and we’ve covered some more advanced options in the past.  This hopefully helps those who asked not just how they can change up their AR’s but also covers those who don’t have a lot of tools or experience working on firearms.  You won’t need any special tools for these upgrades.. well you will need the appropriate crescent wrench for removing the muzzle devices but every adult should acquire a standard set of those at some point in their life anyway 😉

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