ALERT: New LaPorte County, IN “ordinance” threatens firearms and private property owners once again

ALERT: LaPorte County Indiana seems to be taking aim at restrictions on firearms in the county again, in addition to creating a new office with sweeping powers to access any business or residential property at “reasonable times”.

Last Wednesday a 20 page ordinance “First reading” was unanimously passed which would, among other things, restrict ‘noise’. The language is extremely broad and seems to cover virtually anything that makes noise or a sound.

Non-firearm owner property owners are equally enraged as the new ordinance would make it illegal tohave any grass, weeds or “rank vegetation” over 10″ high on any residential or business property. This is irrespective of lot size, be it 1/4 acre or 140 acres.

Coming so quickly on the heels of the failed firearms ban back in April, one has to wonder exactly the end goal of such a overreaching ordinance is and the attempts to distract from the issue by including it in these 20 pages.

You can read the full proposed ordinance that was read into the record here:

With the first reading having already been voted on, the new 20 page ordinance could be passed at any future meeting.

The next Commissioners meeting is 6/21/2017 at 6:00pm in the first floor conference rooms across from the Sheriff’s office in the county complex and public comment on the new ordinance will be allowed before it is voted on.

You can find the  LaPorte County Commissioners website HERE .


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