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Why I am against purse carry.

Why shouldn’t I carry my gun in my purse? As a female with a concealed handgun license it’s tempting to just toss your gun in your bag and [..]

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Calibers, Ratings and Body Armor

The latest 13C video has produced several questions in relation to threat level ratings and body armor.  I’d like to take a moment to go over some of [..]


Testing AR500 Armor and thoughts on body armor

We put some AR500 Armor to the test with Everything from Tavor to a SCAR17, Saiga 12, AK47, 74, M1 Garand, Mosin Nagant, PS90 and more.


13C Updates, Support and Giveaways, how you can virtually support our efforts!

These past few months have seen increases in not just the quantity of reviews and videos but also the quality. We’ve invested in better cameras and audio, editing [..]

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Complacency. WI man dead after negligent discharge to his femoral during reholstering

Friday evening a Wisconsin man, Timothy Phonisay, shot himself in his right thigh at approximately 11pm in his home. It appears that Mr Phonisay was reholster his pistol, [..]

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An Airman, a National Guardsman and a civilian walk onto a European train. And kick ass.

Meet Airman Stone, one of 3 Americans to foil what would have been one of the worst mass shootings on board a European train from Belgium bound to [..]

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NLX223 Charging Handle from Next Level Armament

The AR-15 has come a long way over the past several decades and so has it’s charging handle. The need to be able to operate the charging handle [..]


Improved T-REx LT rail for the IWI Tavor

    About a year ago I reviewed the T-REx rail from Homeland Guns for the Tavor.  The rail was a excellent high quality solid piece of billet [..]

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Weaver Tactical 1-7x Dual Focal Plane Optic First look

Weaver has a new scope out and it’s getting some well deserved attention.  I picked up 1-7x24mm Tactical model and it’s several features I like rolled into one [..]


DPMS G2 vs SCAR17 accuracy testing w/ Federal Gold Medal Match ammo

I get asked time and again my favorite .308 rifle and to be honest the SCAR 17 still tops my list.  I was also getting asked, what about [..]

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