Mother shot by her 2 year old in a Walmart today.

Those of you who follow 13C know I advocate on body carry, first and foremost.  Off body carry, IMO, is for those circumstances when on body carry is basically impossible… not simply “inconvenient” or “uncomfortable”. Today in a Hayden, Idaho Walmart, a two year old boy shot and killed his mother.  Most will call this […]

Murdered on his doorstep.  A firearm isn't a magic talisman.

DONATION PAGE for Mr Tapia-http://www.gofundme.com/isslgk Less than a mile from my old house a man was murdered this morning.  Alex Tapia was, by all accounts, a good husband and loving father. At approximately 5:30 this morning Mr Tapia confronted 3 males breaking into cars in his driveway. While details are short at this point it […]

Dr Ben Carson and the Second Amendment

While 13CGunReviews.com was down I wrote several articles as usual, one of them was The Bang Switch and about Dr Benjamin Carson’s Second Amendment statements. In it I pointed out the confusing nature of his comments which seemed to contradict themselves. Excerpt: How can you juxtapose those two positions? Making a statement that ‘Rights come […]

I am seriously considering moving away from both WordPress and 1and1 hosting after this latest bit of down time and lost posts.  I’m not sure I believe 13C was hacked, I couldn’t find anything using my FTP sever access to find any modifications or deletions.  I’m not a hacker or computer guru by any means […]

Spotlight: 2014 BullPup and Zombie shoot.

This year the annual Zombie Shoot at the Aurora Sportsman Club was combined with the 2014 BullPup shoot.  In the unlikely spot of Waterman, IL hundreds of BullPup fans and Zombie fanatics turned out for a action packed day of shooting. There were approximately  15 different “stages” at the event, including everything from Muzzle loading […]

Another Newtown could be prevented by cracking down on Home Schooling?

Time and again I’ve made the contention that Gun Control is about Control.  It isn’t about keeping anyone safe and most of those who lead these charges know full well what they are doing:  Using a tragedy to further their political agendas, government positions or line their pockets. By the end of this article I […]

First Look:  DPMS G2 Recon in .308

I’ve been asked for some time what .308 AR style rifle I’d recommend for those who don’t want to shell out the coin for something like a SCAR 17s or some of the high end AR-10 style rifles on the market.  I’ve been hesitant simply because it wasn’t something I’d personally ventured into and not […]

Tragic accident in AZ, 9 year old loses control and shoots her instructor

A tragic story out of Arizona.  A nine year old girl on vacation with her parents got an opportunity to fire an Uzi at “Bullets and Burgers” an outdoor range about 60 miles south east of Las Vegas. The instructor, Charles Vacca, can be seen instructing the girl moments before the tragic accident. As a […]

Adding Body Armor to your kit.

The first thought that pops into a persons mind when they hear body armor is usually “When would I need something like that?”.  It’s a fair question and one that I’ve frequently thought myself, considering I don’t currently find myself being shot at, let alone threatened with weapons any more, the subject of armor isn’t […]

and... we're back up!

Thanks for your patience everyone.  During the physical move the 13C website was also ‘upgraded’. WordPress and my hosting site (1and1) apparently don’t always play nice.  The good news is we are back up, the bad news we lost over a months worth of content here on the site. I’ll try and recover what I […]