Another Newtown could be prevented by cracking down on Home Schooling?

Time and again I’ve made the contention that Gun Control is about Control.  It isn’t about keeping anyone safe and most of those who lead these charges know full well what they are doing:  Using a tragedy to further their political agendas, government positions or line their pockets. By the end of this article I think you’ll agree with me.

Sandy Hook Commission

Sandy Hook Commission

The latest proof comes in the form of a proposed crack down on Home Schooling as recommended by the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission under the authority of Governor Malloy.  Under the new Connecticut Children’s Behavioral Health Plan children who are Home Schooled would be subject to mental health evaluations and children found to have “behavioral and emotional disabilities” would be required to have individualized education plans approved by the special education director of the local public school district.

In addition Home Schooling would only be “allowed to continue” if the student was documented as having made “adequate progress” in their plans as part of mandatory annual report and review process.

Home Schooling is on the rise in the US and for school districts this means one thing:  LESS MONEY.  Every “ass in the seat”, as one Chicago administrator put it, means more money from the Federal Government.  This money isn’t paid out on a yearly basis any more, it’s paid based upon the number of ‘asses in the seats’… each and every school day.  If you were wondering why it’s so hard to get an excused absence ahead of time from a school for the past couple of years and many school no longer allow you to get assignments ahead of time for those abscesses, that’s why.

The other agenda?  “It’s takes a village to raise a child”.  It’s been the mantra of those in DC for decades and in CT, they see their chance to put the squeeze on these rouge Home Schoolers.

Let’s take a quick look at the Newtown mass murderer* .  He spent many years in public school, in fact he went to Sandy Hook Elementary for 5 years.  He also attended the local High School through 10th grade and ultimately got a High School Diploma from that school. According to NBC he got a 95.9% on his Algebra placement test there.  It’s also important to note that he was 20 years old at the time of the murders and had graduated from High School years earlier.

What about these mental health assessments, could they prevent another Sandy Hook?  It’s very unlikely and the school boards and Governor of CT KNOW IT!  Dr. Susan Schmeiser, a professor of mental health law at the University of Connecticut Law School, has stressed that a diagnosis of mental illness alone makes a “very weak predictor” of violence.

So what is the end goal?  Control…. and this time some money too.


*Authors note, I purposefully do not include the names of serial murderers in my articles unless absolutely necessary.

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