SilencerCo launches new Spring 2016 merchandise line

Every single firearm or suppressor in the hands of Citizen is a positive thing and the harder it makes it for some busy body politician to try and ban them.  Different ages sometimes dress differently than others and SilencerCo is taking note:

“SilencerCo is able to reach the younger millennial audience because that’s actually a large portion of the people who make up our company  We can understand and market to that group because we are that group.  My advice to companies looking to reach a younger demographic would be to consider hiring professionals from that particular demographic to run your marketing division; that way, you produce content that speaks to your desired market and really hits the mark.” — Josh Waldron

The shooting community continues to evolve and “millennials” continue to flood in.  The beauty of our sport, our hobby and our way of life is that it is so inclusive.

From Deadpool to Dirty Harry and Die hard to Pulp Fiction SilencerCo looks to be appealing to more than just millennials in this release.  If you aren’t into movies, you’ll still find some of the more traditional designs in this lineup as well.
EDIT: You won’t want to miss this video

SilencerCo Spring Merch

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