New RFID 1450M Mirror Concealment – Tactical Walls

IMG_9907The 1450M itself isn’t new to the Tactical Walls lineup but the RFID technology is.  We first broke news of the RFID locking system at SHOTshow and we’re privileged to have one of the first “in the wild”.

There are a few very cool features that the RFID allows over the traditional magnetic locks.  First is that you can hide these cards virtually anywhere, you can also place them in a wallet or inside a book and not even have to take them out in order to use them.

Another nice feature would be having “One card to open them all”.  The RFID units used by Tactical Walls can have multiple cards programed to each lock, so you could have the cards that came with your Mirror also open your Shelf.

IMG_9909The technical specifications on RFID are somewhat dry, so feel free to skip ahead and go straight to the video linked at the end. The lock takes a CR123 battery and should you not heed the low battery warning, the lock itself is designed to fail in the unlocked position so you won’t find yourself destroying your mirror should the battery die.  You should get years of life out of a single battery but changing it once every year or two is probably a good idea.

 IMG_9906Pre-Orders for the RFID model can be made now and include free shipping, delivery is expected in about 4 weeks.

The mirror system itself is best seen in action, feel free to check it out on the 13C YouTube Page.

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