Senator from CA shows his ignorance of firearms in an epic way.

casenatorghostgunIt seems like any time an anti self defense politician from California holds a press conference about firearms they say or do something that shows how little they know about the items they want to ban and the Rights they want to deny you.  State Senator Kevin de Leon took that normal level of  ignorance to an entirely new level the other day.

The issue at hand?  “Printed” firearms.  I’ve covered them before so I won’t address them in this article except to say , we’ll just focus on the Senators complete ignorance of firearms in general.

“has the ability with a 30 caliber clip, to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second.”  Keep in mind, this man wants to ban something he knows nothing about.  He continues- “30 magazine clip, half a second”.

During the press conference you can see a man standing behind the Senator and to his left rolling his eyes repeatedly.  With claims of “thirty magazine clip, half a second”, you have to wonder why he didn’t smack the Senator in the back of his head and offer him a V-8.

Later in the debacle Senator de Leon holds up an AR-15 and starts referring to it as an “automatic sniper rifle”  He also claims it, like the other “ghost gun” was printed in someones garage.

It’s probably important to note the optic and various other items on them, such as an MOE stock and foregrip and harris bipod were not “printed in a garage”.

casenator2gunsAnyone seeing the shiny stainless steel conspicuously protruding from the end of the “automatic sniper rifle” could also logically assume it wasn’t printed from plastic.

I have to be honest, I couldn’t make it through the half hour press conference.  I felt like I was losing an IQ point for every second that went by.

The 3D printer is the bane of tyrants everywhere.  While it hasn’t been perfected yet, it will allow citizens all over the world to create in their homes the tools of self defense necessary to prevent another Auschwitz or have a more successful Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

Like always the goal of those who support gun control is CONTROL.  It has nothing to do with keeping you or your children safe.

You can watch a clip of the Senators remarks here:


Alabama man shoots would be assailant in a Dollar General store.

dollargeneralThe story is a bit bizarre, a man entered a Dallas County Dollar General store and started waving a gun.  The motive isn’t clear yet but when made the clerk and another customer enter a back break room, the customer decided it was time to put and end to the insanity.

Initially the store has other customers inside as well as a delivery person but when Kevin McLaughlin pulled out a gun and started waving it around, they fled the store and several 9-1-1 calls were immediately placed.

It’s not clear why Marlo Ellis and the unnamed cashier also didn’t flee as well before being ushered towards the back break room.  McLaughlin allegedly threatened to “kill everyone”.

Ellis was carrying a concealed handgun at the time and shot McLaughlin once in the chest as they were being forced into the break room, preventing what may have turned into a hostage situation or execution.

noopencarrysignMcLaughlin was pronounced dead at scene and the Sheriffs office is not treating the shooting as a crime at this point and no charges have been filed, although the Dallas Co sheriff is investing and will forward the matter to a Grand Jury as a matter of procedure.

Interestingly the store has a sign banning open carry in the store.  Presumably concealed carry isn’t banned by the store.

We’ll follow up on the story and keep you updated on this story and reaction, if any, from Dollar General.  Security camera footage has not yet been released yet either.


Ruling: Chicago ban on sales and transfers of firearms are unconstitutional.

Chicago_City_SealColorA federal judge has ruled that Chicago’s ban on the sale and transfer of firearms inside city limits are unconstitutional.

The 35 page ruling by U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang had some notable quotes:

“The stark reality facing the City each year is thousands of shooting victims and hundreds of murders committed with a gun. But on the other side of this case is another feature of government: certain fundamental rights are protected by the Constitution, put outside government’s reach, including the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense under the Second Amendment”

I have to say, I’m impressed by the last portion of this quote in which he nails it: “fundamental rights are protected by the Constitution”.  It’s encouraging to see a federal judge using the proper terminology and recognizes that Rights supersede the Constitution and that the Constitution doesn’t ‘grant’ them.

He goes on to say:  “Chicago’s ordinance goes too far in outright banning legal buyers and legal dealers from engaging in lawful acquisitions and lawful sales of firearms.”

While a win overall, there are several issues I have with the ruling, the first is that the judge places a stay on his ruling until Chicago has a chance to appeal.

Again we have another judge and another court ruling something is unconstitutional but allowing it to stand, I covered that several months ago during the decision by the Illinois Supreme court that allowed a blatant violation of the peoples Right to self defense to continue because: ‘eventually people can get a license to defend themselves…’

These “stays” are outside of the authority of these judges.  One of the most famous court decisions ever, Marbury v Madison, settled that issue over two centuries ago:
an act of the Legislature repugnant to the Constitution is void.

Void.  Void as in never was and never should have been.  Some people would take this opportunity to point out this judge was appointed by the current administration…

We’ll continue to keep you updated, I expect the city of Chicago to waste more taxpayer money by appealing this decision.

You can see a great legal viewpoint from Judge Andrew Napolitano here:


Volunteer Santa shot on camera on Christmas Eve handing out presents.

santashotpelletSome things you just can’t make up.

What sort of sick and depraved lunatic would shoot a volunteer Santa as he prepares to hand out toys to children in a crime ridden and economically depressed neighborhood?  Police are on the hunt for that douche bag right now.

Xavier Hawkins was that volunteer Santa and the neighborhood was in the Barry Farm section of South DC.  Mr Hawkins has been volunteering for years and as he puts it “giving back”.  There were dozens of people present including little children.

Not letting the assailant stop their mission, the toy distribution continued while Mr Hawkins was transported to the hospital.

Luckily for Mr Hawkins he was shot with a pellet gun and after a few hours in the hospital he was released and is expected to fully recover from the ordeal.  Police are still looking for the assailant.

Always be on guard and be ever vigilant, you never know when some nutball is going to try and ruin your day.

You can watch the video of the incident as it happened here:
Santa’s helper shot

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VZ-2008 First Look with surpise visit from Military Arms Channel and a Snowman

13C takes a quick look at the VZ-2008 and MAC from Military Arms Channel pops in to talk about an upcoming team up for a review of the VZ-2008, VZ-2000 and CZ import of the famous VZ-58.

There is also a visit from a deranged snowman.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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A look at some post repair XDS concerns.

xdsreturndayThose of you who follow 13C know I had quite a bit of experience with the XDS 45 prior to buying my XDS in 9mm.  I had a chance to evaluate a few T&E guns as well as those friends and colleagues purchased themselves.

While I wasn’t in a rush for a new EDC (every day carry), or backup EDC to be precise, I did want one in my collection.  So rather than buy when they first came out, I waited until prices settled a bit and picked one up… about a week and a half before the recall.

I did quite a bit of dry practice with it and I had one solid range day with it before shipping it back.  While it wasn’t the most stellar piece I definitely preferred it to some other options like the Ruger LC9 and I placed it just sightly ahead of the M&P Shield.

Now that it’s back… My gut reaction is to trade this thing in on a Shield as fast as I can get to my LGS.  The trigger is pretty bad.  The trigger pull has increased but worse than that, it’s gritty and little spongy.

I heard the trigger on a repaired XDS being referred to as almost “two stage” and the amount of travel is remarkable in and of itself but  I’m not talking about that, I’m specifically speaking to the about the press itself once you take up the slack. Right out of the box it’s horrible.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect leading up to today.  I knew I was in for a heavier trigger but beyond that reports have been all over the place from “crisp and constant” and “clean break” to the issues I’m having with my mine.  Some indicate the trigger gets better when it is “broken in”…

Broken in?  I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I bought another Keltec P11.

If it needs to be broken in, then there are problems that haven’t been properly addressed at the factory which result in to poor workmanship and quality control that then manifest themselves into fit and finish problems, or worse.  As to being broken in, I have dry pressed the trigger a few hundred times at this point and the good news is, it is getting better.

Personally I’m shocked SA would send something with a trigger this bad out the door.  It appears to have been test fired before it left the factory, was the person who did the repair actually satisfied with the trigger?

Something else interesting to note and that I don’t recall on my XDS prior to this repair is with the magazine release. It will push the trigger forward (as well as other internal components and the grip safety) when the trigger is dead.  Upon dis-assembly you can see  the trigger pack sits low enough that when the magazine release rotates it pushes the trigger linkage forward.  That’s probably why the magazine release is a slight bit stiffer than before, it has to move the trigger slightly forward before the magazine releases.  With an extended magazine the release is quite difficult to press. Curious and Curiouser.

I’ll be teaming up with my good friend Tim from the Military Arms Channel and doing an article over at The Bang Switch over this coming week and taking a closer look at my repaired XDS9 and his unmodified XDS9, including measuring the trigger pull weights.

I’ll also contact Springfield with my results and report back on their thoughts.  Hopefully I just got a lemon and they can get my XDS back to specs.  As unhappy as I am with my XDS right now, I do realize SA had tens of thousands of XDS’ to repair and occasionally a dud is going to slip past their QC.  I’ve had excellent service from SA in the past and I own several SA firearms, from XD’s to XDM’s to 1911’s and M1A’s.

We’ll keep you updated.

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Constitutional what?

My latest article is live over on The Bang Switch about Rights and the term “Constitutional rights”.

You can read it here:


Registration always leads to confiscation. NYPD is sending out confiscation letters.


Click for larger view

“Register your guns” they said… “No one is coming to take them” they said…

The latest outrage comes from New York and the thieves at the NYPD.  In blatant disregard for their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution letters are going out to gun owners requiring them to turn in firearms or move them out of the state.  IMMEDIATELY.

Registration always leads to confiscation.  Always.  It isn’t a myth or some delusional fear by some guy in a wood cabin wearing a aluminum foil hat (Tin works better), it’s been proven time and again all across the globe and now from one coast of this country to the other.

I feel for our brothers and sisters in NY and every state where politicians and law enforcement officers ignore the Constitution and violate their oaths on what is quickly becoming a daily basis.  It’s seems basic human Rights, such as being secure in your person, papers and possessions and the Right to self defense mean nothing to some people any more.

Stand up, let your voices be heard.  We shouldn’t write any state off.  We are all living under the same Constitution.

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The “Knock out game” continues to spread across the country. It isn’t a myth.


Female Victim of Knock Out Game

This past week the ‘main stream’ media has finally  been reporting on a trend we have been covering for months.  The “Knock Out Game”.

For those still not familiar with it, the premise is a simple and violent one.  Pick a random person and try and knock them out with a single punch by sneaking up on them and punching them in the back or side of the head with all of their weight and strength.  This game is sometimes called “one hitter quitter”.

It is truly a game for cowards, rarely does the assailant pick someone capable of mounting an effective defense, and it is always done ‘out of the blue’.  Usually the assailant is an older teen or young adult and usually a male.  Race may also play a factor in the attacks.  Of the dozens of stories documented on the first 5 pages of a search, all of the assailants have been African Americans and virtually every victim Caucasian or Asian.  There are stories where the victims have been homeless African Americans or of the same race as the attacker so that isn’t always a deciding factor obviously.

The assailants not only catch their victims completely by surprise but usually their victim exhibits some form of ‘weakness’.  Usually the assailant picks someone with a perceived weakness that generally focuses on those of smaller stature, women and the elderly.

Videos are popping up all over of these games and people are dying because of them.  The interesting thing about these assaults is it seems to be bringing reality back to the “if you can’t take a ass whooping don’t carry a gun” crowd.

Folks, as an adult, you need to realize this isn’t the elementary school playground you are walking around in.  This is real life.  You need to come to the reality that punches can kill, that if you get a “whooping” you or those with you could be robbed, raped or killed as part of the aftermath.

Normal people, walking around in a civilized society don’t just ‘get into fights’.  If you are walking down the street or across a parking lot and find yourself in a ‘fight’, you can only assume it’s a fight for your life.

There is only one legitimate response to being the victim of or witness of a “knock out game”:  Violence.  The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  The only appropriate response to a vicious and violent attack is an immediate counter attack of overwhelming violence assured to carry the day.

The vast majority of stories about the knock out game leave the victim seriously injured and in some cases dead.  In only a few cases has the victim successfully fought back.  One man from Michigan, waiting on his daughter at a school bus stop, lucked out when teen snuck up from behind him and tried to tase him.  The taser malfunctioned and the would be victim turned the tables and shot his attacker twice.  The teen admitted to police he was playing the knock out game and his friends put him up to it.

Looking back at the Trayvon Matrin event, I have to wonder if Trayvon decided to play the knock out game on Zimmerman that fateful evening?  The game itself has certainly been reported going back that far and Martin had a history of violence and fighting.  His facebook page was rife with posts and pictures embracing the ‘thug life’.

When out and about you need to keep you head on a swivel.  Your situational awareness will determine if you get blindsided or have a chance at dodging or surviving the encounter.

You need to learn how to ‘Manage Confrontations‘ from the very start.  In virtually every single incident of ‘knock out’ we’ve seen, the victim had no idea they were in a fight until they woke up after being decked… assuming they woke up.  There are numerous classes available that can teach you everything from recognizing prefight indicators to deterring an attacker from even initiating the fight.

While the old ‘routine’ crimes may be declining, the violence and intensity of some crimes, like flash mob mini riots, knock out games and home invasions are on the rise.

Be safe and stay vigilant.

Click for Knock Out Game news stories

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Mini-riots, wildings and flash mobs are increasing. Do you have a plan for them?

flirriotaustin2Mini-riots, flash mobs or “Wildings” as they are being called are becoming more and more common across the US.  These “wildings” are usually perpetrated by younger males, sometimes as young as 13 years old, although the Chicago incidents over the spring and summer had numerous young females also participating.

It seems no section of the country is immune, not even in the nicest areas, like this incident<video> from Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile” where reports range as high as 500 “urban youths” attacked shoppers and police back in March.

This most recent ‘wilding’ happened in Austin Texas, outside of the House of Torment Haunted House, where a crowd of approximately 200 descended upon a mall parking lot and chaos ensued. Follow the link<video> for some overhead FLIR imaging.

It’s interesting to note that the haunted house house wasn’t involved, probably because responding officers cars lined up in between the parking lot and the haunted house.  Either one purpose or by accident.

Unless you plan on never leaving your house, you have to come to the realization that you may find yourself in the middle of a “wilding” one day.  Even the best situational awareness may not buy you enough time to steer completely clear of an event like this.

magmilepolcieriotThe Chicago incident (one I have firsthand reports of from local police who responded) had a “swarm of hundreds descend in a matter of seconds and sweep through the strip”.  Imagine getting 15 feet out of a store door and from around the corner or alley 50 teens and young adults come sprinting out with basically no warning… from multiple directions.

Do you have a plan?  Do you have a plan that the people you are with know about and understand?

The shoppers and police in Chicago, several of whom were on foot on the magnificent mile at the time of the mini-riot were overrun, including officers on horseback.  Shoppers were robbed of purses, packages and wallets.  Many were beaten and several were sexually groped by the mob.

Not everyone takes their responsibility for their safety and that of their friends and loved ones seriously.  I occasionally take heat from fellow gun owners because I carry a full sized handgun (a G19 or XD9) and at least one spare magazine with me at all times.

I hear the same tired B.S. from these lazy people, it usually goes something like this “If I need more than 5 shots, I’m doin’ something wrong”.

Really?  That’s awesome you know how many rounds you’ll need in a gunfight.  Tell me again how many life or death situations you’ve been in?  Zero huh… How many gunfights?  Zero again… How many training classes have you taken? NRA hunters class… That’s super.


Mob advancing on police line (upper right)

Gangs have taken to using mass text messages and social media, let alone old school tactics in disturbing new ways.  They are becoming more brazen and consistently have less fear of police.  Want proof?  Watch that video of the crowd going after virtually the entire on duty shift of the Austin PD and only 5 of them getting arrested.  The Chicago incident?  Out of 500 rioters, only 17 were arrested.  That’s even more shocking because of where it happened and the fact that hundreds of Chicago PD officers were on scene within 10 minutes of it starting.

I’m not saying you have to be paranoid, I’m saying be aware that bad things happen and you could find yourself caught up in the middle of something, no matter how great your situational awareness it.

Does the training you have taken or you are going to take help you in these types of situations?  If you took one defensive handgun class where you stood still and shot a few tight groups at a piece of paper, you probably aren’t where you should be in your skill level.  I won’t get into the details here but you need to have a full compliment of skills that don’t just include shooting.  After all you just can’t start shooting because a few dozen people happen to be running in your general direction.

Don’t just plan for it, train for it, because you alone are responsible for your own safety.

If you have any comments or have experienced a wilding, please visit us on our FaceBook page and tell us.