CT already looking to give amnesty for those who didn’t register.

594px-Flag_of_Connecticut.svgAs the end of the year came to a close I wrote an article about how Connecticut gun owners who had “assault weapons” or “high capacity magazines” had to register by December 31, 2013.

Several things were pointed out in that article, including how low the number of registrations actually were.  50,000 ‘assault weapons’ and less than 40,000 people registered magazines.  Yes you read that right… for the entire state of Connecticut.

It would seem massive civil disobedience is alive and well in the North East and the politicians know it and are quaking in their jack boots over it.

Enter the classic ‘amnesty’ scheme because the “post office closed early on the 31st.”

That’s right, the legislators of CT would have us believe that tens of thousands of more firearms and millions of more magazines would have been registered if only ‘the post office was open for 3 more hours’.

As of now the Governor of CT isn’t accepting any late registrations until the legislators pass an amnesty bill.

Recognize the spin by the media and tyrants who passed that unconstitutional bunk being passed off as law.  This is damage control and a feeble attempt to get more registrations as they work towards their ultimate goal of confiscation.

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