Another mass shooting in a “gun free zone”. Why can’t the Military defend itself at home?

navyyardAs our hearts go out to the victims and their families in D.C.  many pundits are already trying to blame civilian ownership and carry of firearms, specifically assault weapons and concealed weapons permits.

See this article through to the end, I have some poignant advice for those of us who would like to help and prevent this from happening again so easily.

Logic generally escapes those who would have all of us live in gun free zones.  First because the Shipyards are a gun-free zone.  Second because D.C. doesn’t allow concealed carry either.  So why bring it up?  Because it fits their agenda.

Interestingly enough the mass murderer A*****  A*****, whose name isn’t important to me and it shouldn’t be to you either, is also said to have a criminal record.  Chances are he wasn’t in possession of a valid license to carry if that is the case.  Either way, his license wouldn’t have been valid in D.C. or in the Navy Yards so it’s irrelevant to this incident.  He was carrying illegally.

Back to this “Gun Free zone” notion.  Obviously they aren’t, because every single mass murder involving a firearm in the US, except one, has happened in a “gun free zone”.  Disarming more good people only empowers those who would harm them.  It in no way helps them.

It’s also important to note that the 9mm handgun with the “high capacity” magazine he used was stolen from a DC police officer he murdered.  It is also like the “AR-15” was stolen from DC police as well.  Video shows the murderer entering with only a shotgun.

Why were the Military and Civilian contractors such easy targets?  Blame the Presidents.  Seriously, BLAME THEM.  Let us not forget to blame Congress for not acting to stop that madness either.

JamesBrady_BillClintonYou see in 1993 Bill Clinton oversaw regulations banning the personal carry of firearms on all military bases and installations from all service men and women, even officers.

In 2000 when George W. Bush took office, he did nothing to change this.  Over the next 8 years, as new threats emerged a Republican controlled House and Senate did nothing to change it either.

In 2009 Barrack Obama did nothing to change it, not even after a deranged Army Major slaughtered Soldiers in Texas.

Why does the insanity continue?  If these brave men and women are good enough to be in the Military or on a military installation, why are they denied their RIGHT to self defense?

While we may not be able to get this President to change his mind, we can certainly lobby Congress NOW and push for a 2/3 majority to make this change.  We must also make this an issue for 2016.

Everyone has a Right to self defense and no one should be disarmed or have their Rights restricted in any way because of the actions of a madman.

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Colorado recall successful. Let this be a warning to tyrants everywhere.

coloradoflagColorado voters have done it!

For the first time in the history of Colorado there has been a successful recall vote.  Two in one day to be precise.

Two Senators that have trampled the Rights of their constituents have been recalled.

Senator Morse and Senator Giron have been recalled!

A fight has been on in Colorado at every level to repeal the draconian laws that were passed banning so called “high capacity” magazines and even transfers of firearms between family members. One step in that battle is to oust the traitors who violated their Oaths by passing these laws.

For example Colorado Sheriffs have overwhelmingly fought these ill conceived laws in several ways including join a lawsuit.  Companies, including Magpul have been fighting as well.

A secession movement is also growing in the State.  A movement to form North Colorado.

It’s a great day in Colorado for freedom and warning to those who would attempt to disarm Americans.  Politicians will be held accountable for their actions.

I wish Colorado and her Liberty  loving residents the best of luck as they continue their fight for Freedom and Liberty.

We’ll make sure to keep all of you up to date as this continues to unfold both here and on our Facebook Page.


Total recall. Every single Caracal Model C needs to go back. The end of Caracal in the US?

caracalrecallIt’s been a wild 30 days for recalls and it Caracal is back in the news again.  Last March a recall was issued for Serial Numbers SC188 to SC222.

Now Caracal has issued a full recall of every single Model C on the market.  Not only do they have to go back, but they cannot be fixed.  Caracal is going to “refund” customers for the purchase price of their pistol.

The recall states: If you own or have access to a Caracal Model C pistol, PLEASE DO NOT  LOAD OR FIRE YOUR PISTOL.  So if you have a Model C please take this recall seriously.

So why do I think this is the end for Caracal’s shot in the US market place?

If you remember an article I wrote about a year ago, I posted why Caraacal probably wouldn’t get much traction in the US market.  Price point was one of the reasons.  With so many excellent striker fired pistols on the market already, any new comers would have to priced significantly lower than current offerings with proven track records.

For example when the HS2000, a Croatian pistol from Hrvatski Samokres, came to the US market (later to be known as the Springfield Armory XD), you could find one for round $300.  It was an excellent price point and got the HS2000 such a cult following SA bought the distribution rights for the US, jacked the price up 150 dollars and couldn’t import them fast enough to keep up with demand.

The Caracals I have handled didn’t stand out in my mind and at the price point, why not just buy another XD, Glock or M&P?  That’s actually what I wound up doing.  I love start up companies and the designing team was a who’s who list, I’m just glad I allocated my gun money funds to other things.

If you’d like to learn more about the Model C recall and how to return it if you have one check the official recall notice.


Lawsuit over Deputy yelling “I’ll shoot you in the ****ing back” proceeding

FloridaFlagBy now most of you have seen the video of Deputy Andy Cox threatening to murder lawfully licensed concealed carrier Joel Smith.  In the video Mr Smith is allegedly stopped for an expired tag and when he tried to retrieve documentation from his vehicle Deputy Cox becomes enraged over Mr Smith not informing him he has carrying a handgun.

It’s important to keep in mind that in Florida, a person carrying a firearm is NOT required by law to volunteer such information to an officer unless the officer specifically asks if you are armed.

Deputy Cox proceeded to draw his service weapon point it at Mr Smith and scream at him “I’ll shoot you in the ****ing back!”.  He proceeded to order my Mr Smith to lay on the Florida roadway where he handcuffed Mr Smith and continued to berate him, even though Mr Smith was 100% compliant with every instruction the deputy gave.

Mr Smith was charged with “Open Carry of a Firearm” even though only the tip of his holster was visible for a brief second as he bent over.  The crime is (was) a misdemeanor when it is committed by a person with a License to Carry a Concealed Weapon.  The States Attorney declined to prosecute after viewing the dash cam video and the charge was dropped.

To date no disciplinary actions have been taken against Deputy Cox over this incident.

Florida Carry is joining the suit and has this to say on their website-

Florida Carry consulting attorney J. Patrick Buckley III who is representing Mr. Smith in the case had this to say:

“Improper law enforcement training coupled with an emotional overreaction is detrimental to the civil rights of Floridians. When a Constitutional officer then delays the resulting internal investigation to permit the untrained officer to walk away without so much as a slap on the wrist, it illustrates a systematic absence of accountability in those we trust to protect us.”

Florida Carry:

 Joining Mr. Smith as plaintiff, Florida Carry is representing its membership and millions of Florida gun owners in the lawsuit. Named as defendants are Deputy Andy Cox, Sergeant Dave Fields, Sheriff Jeffrey Dawsy, and Citrus County. The plaintiffs are represented by the Law Offices of J. Patrick Buckley III, located in Fort Myers, FL.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this case as it progresses and it’s important to note that the law in Florida has since changed and the “brief exposure” of a firearm “in a nonthreatening manner” by a CWL holder is no longer a crime.

You can see the video of the incident below and reaction from the Florida Sportsman Association-

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Review: INCOG holster from G-Code and Haley Strategic (HSP)

Check out our latest review of the INCOG holster from G-Code and Haley Strategic.

My article about the INCOG was also featured on The Bang Switch-

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XDS 9 and 45 recall issued by Springfield Armory

Springfield-XDS_001Right on the heels of the S&W Shield announcement Springfield Armory has issued a recall of some of it’s popular XDS 9 and XDS 45 3.3″ pistols.

My XDS 9mm falls in the recall range and I’ll be keeping everyone updated on how the recall progresses.  To date, I have not had any malfunctions with my pistol.

The recall is fairly expansive and encompasses:

Springfield 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm pistols -serial numbers between XS900000 and XS938700.

Springfield 3.3 XD-S™ .45ACP pistols – serial numbers between XS500000 and XS686300.

Springfield says the pistol could fire unintentionally when the slide is released or it may “double-fire” and fire twice with one pull of the trigger.  I urge all my readers to check the serial numbers of their XDS handguns immediately, this is a serious safety issue.

You can read more about the recall at Springfield’s official recall page where you can also file an online claim for a shipping label and service.

Have you experienced any malfunctions with your XDS?  Let us know over on our Facebook page.



S&W Shield safety alert issued today.

mp-shieldToday, Smith and Wesson has announced a safety alert that has the potential to cover virtually every single Shield on the market today.  For those with one of these faulty pistols, it is a serious condition that should be addressed immediately.

The recall covers “ALL M&P Shield™ firearms manufactured before August 19, 2013.”

“Smith & Wesson has identified a condition where the trigger bar pin could damage the lower trigger in certain M&P Shields in a way that may affect the functionality of the drop safety feature of the firearm, potentially allowing the pistol to discharge if it is dropped.”

There is both a picture and text walk thru as well as a video to determine if you have one of the faulty pistols so you can determine if your pistol is faulty.

Please contact Smith & Wesson directly at 877-899-6259 to arrange for the repair, if necessary, of your pistol.  You can find out more information at the official recall page.

We’ll keep you updated should any more information become available.


Student shot by instructor at safety class in Ohio.

Complacency is always waiting, right alongside Mr Murphy, even in a safety class.   centralohiocoon

A 73 year old Ohio firearms instructor had a negligent discharge in one of the Concealed Carry classes he was teaching and let a round fly into a desk.  The round ricocheted off a desk and struck Michael Piemonte in his arm.

Luckily for Mr Piemonte of the 30 people in the class, 3 were nurses were and one was an EMT.  Fellow classmates rendered aid to him until EMS arrived and transported him to Grant medical center where he was later released that night.

Terry J. Dunlap Sr., the instructor, was giving his class near Lancaster, Ohio, at the Central Ohio Coon Hunters association.  It’s unclear how long Mr Dunlap has been a firearms and safety instructor.

Complacency is a very dangerous thing and something every gun owner should never allow to happen.  We’ve all heard one of the golden rules of firearms safety “Never let the muzzle cover anything you aren’t willing to destroy.”   Some say that provided you don’t break more than one rule at once, you won’t shoot anyone.  Luckily for Mr Piemonte the .357 Ruger, loaded with .38spl, wasn’t pointing directly at him when it discharged but things like ricochets can and do happen.

At this time the Fairfield county Sheriff believes the shooting to be accidental and no charges have been filed.

Hopefully a valuable lesson can be learned from this negligent incident, from the instructor to the students in the class and to those reading about this story.


Starbucks Appreciation Day 8-9-2013

A small anti-gun group has called for a boycott of Starbucks on Friday 8-9-2013.  starguns

As in previous attempted boycotts, supporters of the Right to Keep and Bear will be flocking to Starbucks to show their support for a company that refuses to ban firearms on it’s property, even after protests and some negative press.

The last attempted boycott was on Valentines Day, pro RKBA supporters showed up and made it one of the busiest days of the year for the company, all across the nation.

If you are considering a cup of coffee or a frozen coffee drink, consider dropping by your local Starbucks.  Supporters will be doing various things to show they are there to support Starbucks and RKBA from wearing pro-gun shirts to paying with $2 bills, a clever play of the 2A.

Do you plan on visiting Starbucks to counter the protest?  Let us know on our Facebook page your plans for the day.


Hornady suspends production of less popular offerings as back orders reach 2 years.

hornady-ammunition-logoThere has been a lot of conspiracy talk over the limited quantities of ammunition currently available and Hornady has release another statement regarding their production and future plans.

Basically Hornady is going to do everything it can to crank out as much ammo as it can as fast as it can.  In order to do that they are going to add more production capabilities and get more machine uptime by temporarily suspending offerings that are less popular.

For those who aren’t familiar, one machine can make several different kinds of ammunition depending on how it’s set up.  Think about your reloading press at home and how you can change out calibers on it or even just change out round nose vs hollow point seating options.

While it may only take you an hour to change out your press at home, these large professional machines can take up to an entire day to change over.  Considering one of these machines can makes tens of thousands of rounds an hour, you can see how just being down for one day can have a significant impact on output.

hist_building_2007Costs.  Hornaday addresses the cost of ammunition and states if prices are being raised it’s on the retail side, not the manufactures side.

The one thing all of you can do to help ease the ammo crunch is to not buy wildly over priced ammunition.  Simply don’t do it.  Capitalism is a beautiful thing and consumers on the free market can get prices back in line… if they want to.

Below you’ll find the text of Steve Hornady’s statement:

It’s important for everyone to know that our order demand is extremely high. And, even though we have temporarily suspended the production of some items, what we have left on order will take us almost two years to produce.

There is no conspiracy by the government to shut us down. This is not an effort on our part to raise prices. We haven’t raised prices. If they are higher. that’s at the store level not at the manufacturer.

We’re going to do everything we can by adding people, by adding machinery, and by adding square footage in order to try and make more of what you want to buy.

On the list of items that we’ve kept we have over 270 of our projectiles and over 140 different rounds of ammunition.

There is something in there for everyone, but there may not be some of the less popular items. By cutting down on that list – temporarily suspending them – we’re able to get more up time on our machinery and get more bullets out the door for you.

We want to thank you for your support.

We appreciate your patience and we hope that you understand this is a temporary situation only and we’re being honest with you and telling you what’s happening.

Drop by our Facebook Page and tell us about you latest score or disappointment on the ammo crunch front.