Opening a Champagne Bottle with style.

IMG_6624sizedStyle and champagne go hand in hand.  Even in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse you are going to need to maintain some semblance of flair and dignity while also looking badass.

Lets face it, when an overwhelming zombie horde is about to over run your position, you best bet is to dazzle them with a display of your prowess and the fact that you just don’t give a f*ck.  I think the mason jar simply adds to the mystic.  I would advise making sure the blade of you machete is free of infected zombie blood first of course.

Be it to celebrate your victory or drown the sorrows of defeat, ” Sabering ” a bottle a champagne is appropriate for either occasion.

I’ll show you how it’s done and how you can do it yourself… assuming you are a trained professional of course.  If you aren’t, then please don’t try this home.

There you go.  You can use a machete, saber, short sword, katana…. the possibilities are endless!

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year!

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As an Oath Keeper Joe is known for his staunch, unwavering defense of Liberty and the Constitution. His background in medicine, from the streets as a FF/EMT to a level 1 trauma team, bring a unique perspective to TBS team. As a life long firearms enthusiast you may also recognize him from his work with MAC and as founder of 13C Gun Reviews.
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