Hidden in plain sight, discrete firearm storage from Tactical Walls

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1242 RLS

Having a firearm available for self defense at all times is critical to being able to properly defend yourself.  While I am a huge proponent of “On body” carry, there are times when it may not be practical and in the case of a rifle, not convenient to do so either.

The 1242 RLS (Rifle Length Shelf) from Tactical Walls is an excellent solution for keeping firearms, including a rifle, close by and easily accessible.

The shelf itself is well made with an excellent finish.  It’s a very nice looking piece of furniture.  I chose mine in black and with a rope trim finish.  It fits in the rest of my house well and doesn’t look out of place.

Installation is fairly straight forward and the included directions are well done and obviously written an American as opposed to someone whose second or third language just so happens to be English.  Did I mention it’s an American company and it’s made right here in the USA?

rls insertCutting out the insert is very easy and all you’ll need for that is a razor blade.  I’d recommend an exacto type knife honestly, it makes things easier IMO.  For handguns and accessories, you don’t have to cut through the entire foam, go about 2/3 deep and you leave those items slightly proud, thus making them easier to grab.

I “free floated” my shelf, using the included 6 long screws and 3 additional 3″ screws I had here at the house.  The shelf comes with two support brackets for the top and Tactical Walls instructions requires their use.

Considering that I put 9 screws into 3 studs, I didn’t think the the brackets were necessary and the shelf is rock solid and doing well without but for disclaimer purposes, you should use the brackets.

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Overall I am very pleased with the shelf and it functions exactly as advertised.  I have a detailed video review on the 13C YouTube with more thoughts on firearms storage as well as a detailed walk through on installing the shelf.

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