Donald Trump on the Second Amendment and AR-15’s

Joe Trump shake cropWhile at the 2015 NRA annual meeting Joe was able to ask Donald Trump about his thoughts on the Second Amendment and more specifically about AR-15’s.

You see the interview here on the 13C YouTube Page and see the transcript below-


13C: Mr Trump, Joe with 13C Gun Reviews.

Trump: Hi, How are you?

13C: Well.  Would you agree that like the printing the press is to modern day internet and other forms of media, television and what not, that an AR-15 would be the same to a musket and deserve the same protection under the Second Amendment?

Trump: Well, I’m all for the Second Amendment, I think it’s amazing. I think, I just walked through the floor, my sons, as you probably saw, are life time members of the NRA.

13C: That’s Excellent.

Trump: So they know every gun ever thought about, let alone produced.  But, I’m a bit fan of the Second Amendment and the NRA and what it represents.

<Trump turns to another report>

13C: and that would include things like AR-15’s?

Trump: Sure.

13C: Thank you

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