My favorite carry method right now, Undertech undercover

13413636_10154197914170420_8629671196590843876_nToday I would like to introduce you to my new favorite concealed carry style. Undertech Undercover  Women’s Concealment Shorts.  I bought these from A well armed woman when they had their mother’s day discount sale. I must admit I have been super curios about these for a long time.  I would go to the site and add them to the cart only to think I really need to lose a few more pounds before I try this ( the struggle is real) so on mothers day I decided screw the extra pounds I wanted to give it a whirl….and let me tell you I am so glad I took the plunge and I so wished I would have when I first wanted to. These are amazing!

I wear these everyday.  I wear these around the house. I wear these to the store. I even wear these to the GYM! yes, to the gym. The concealment these offer are on point. I meet with my trainer a few times a week and I decided to give it a go. Why not? So after my workout I ask my PT if he noticed anything about me that day.  (we were in the private training room) I did a full circle twice and slow. His reply was what? I then lifted my shirt. his face said it all. That’s concealment. He then said he had no idea. 13307227_10154166918910420_8831735039330220657_nNo one yet has been able to tell. In fact my own husband was a little surprised while on the porch I reached around and whipped out my 9mm while talking shop.  Concealment.

Did I mention yet these are fairly comfortable. I bought a size smaller in anticipation of me losing more pounds. (which I have) and they fit when I got them and they still fit. I will say when I do shrink out of them (and I am on a path to) I will buy another pair.  I love them that much. Joe thought that I would be uncomfortable in the car or sitting but I haven’t had any of that. They are very wearable. I love that it gives me a bit of a control top like spanx.  It doesn’t squeeze the life out of me either. It’s the perfect tightness.

The only problem I have found with these is if I wear shorter shorts. I do have a solution for this issue. I roll them up. fixed! Other then that they are my perfect concealment. The price for these runs about $49.99 and they range in sizes xs-2xl.  your color choices are black, white and nude. I chose nude so if they do happen to unroll a bit it’s not very noticeable. I love everything about this holster.  Until next time be safe and PEW PEW PEW!


Pic from a well armed woman website










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