Secession movement growing for 51st State. “North Colorado”

When Colorado approved draconian new gun laws earlier in the year, there was an initial level of blow back that was somewhat expected by lawmakers in the State Capitol.  What has followed is probably something they didn’t anticipate.

Recall petitions have been successfully filled, the vast majority of CO Sheriffs have filed a lawsuit and major manufactures are fleeing the state.

Now, 10 counties are in the process of attempting to secede and form their own state.  North Colorado.

The first step is a ballot initiative but it will be a long road and many hurdles will have to be overcome at both the state and federal level.

The revenue generated from some of these counties is substantial and it’s unlikely ‘old’ Colorado will want to see those resources and tax dollars leave.  Several of the counties looking to leave account for upwards of 80% of all the revenue generated from oil and gas in the state.

There will be other issues as well, including those relating to water rights.

If nothing else, hopefully some better representation in the State Senate can occur, where residents are hoping to change from 35 Senators to 64.  One for each of Colorado’s counties.

Something has to change in Colorado and it should be a move towards liberty and freedom.  I hope the good people of Colorado can mobilize and get their state back. Several other neighboring counties are also considering joining.

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As an Oath Keeper Joe is known for his staunch, unwavering defense of Liberty and the Constitution. His background in medicine, from the streets as a FF/EMT to a level 1 trauma team, bring a unique perspective to TBS team. As a life long firearms enthusiast you may also recognize him from his work with MAC and as founder of 13C Gun Reviews.

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