Safeguard Female coolmax Carrier Review

coolmax-female_1For the past few months I have been wearing the Safeguard female Coolmax carrier. This carrier is made with female curves in mind. It’s lightweight, wears well and is also breathable. While wearing it in my everyday adventures it was hardly detectable by family and friends. I wore it while grocery shopping, running errands and also while doing my everyday routine at home. It took a it bit of getting use to at first but after a few days of wear I was getting use to it and after a week I hardly noticed it was there.

The Safeguard Coolmax weights 5.5 pounds and is made with Dupont Kevlar with an affordable base price at $210.00.  Size options range from small to 4x large and comes in short, normal and long.  Larger sizes and longer lengths carry a surcharge but are still affordable even for the everyday civilian wearer. My vest offers ballistic level NIJ 2 and edge blade level 1 resistance.

Final thoughts for this vest are; it conceals well under clothing and wears well in different weather environments.  It’s also lightweight and  breathable. Coming in at $210.00 it offers a solid level of protection at it’s price point.  If you are looking for concealable female armor, the Safeguard Coolmax is worth your consideration.  You can find it at Safeguard Clothing.

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Jane, as a life long firearms enthusiast herself and mother of 3, brings an excellent female perspective to the 13C team, focusing primarily on articles over video format. Her photography skills are also exceptional as is her behind the scenes work for the community. She is also extremely active politically with our Rights to self defense, freedom and liberty.

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