Olight M1T Raider Review

Once you start carrying a light you’ll never go without one again.  It’s like the pocket knife, you just don’t realize how useful they are until you carry one for a couple of months and then forget it for a day.

Personally I like small lights for EDC and they don’t have to be extremely bright, just useful.  That’s a topic for another article but it sets the stage for this article.

The M1T Raider runs off a single CR123 and throws out a wide beam of either 500 or 5 lumens.  It’s operated solely by a tail cap button which you can soft press for momentary use or deep press to ‘click’ for continuous illumination.

It’s default is set to 500 lumens and to activate the 5 lumen mode you have to tap the tap cap twice.  A very good thing if the primary role is for a self defense light and a negative if you want it primarily for day to day tasks like looking in a dark cabinet or reading a menu in a dimly lit restaurant.  You can get around the bright initial 500 lumen flash by covering the lens so isn’t a deal breaker, just something to keep in mind.

IPX8 rated for water resistance (IPX7 is 30 min at 1 meter submersion) and drop rated for 1.5 meters it’s a stout light.

You can find the full review on the 13C YouTube Channel

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