Lethal Lace sexy and concealed.

logo for lethel laceWhile at SHOT Show I was able to meet with the inventor of Lethal lace.  Tessa Renaud has provided a product that I have been testing since SHOT Show. The things I will cover in this article are: what is Lethal Lace?  How it works and where can I get one?  I have taken my time with this holster to use it in all of it’s capacity and am ready to give you the low down.

First let me explain what Lethal Lace is, it’s a universal concealed carry holster that can be placed on several locations on the body. It’s designed for the female wearer so it has a feminine feel to it. Think sexy lingerie but practical.  It comes in four color choices and all equally strong and durable. They are washable and very user friendly.

So yea it’s sexy and made for the female enthusiast who wants to be comfortable and protected. So, lets go over how this holster works.  I said earlier it universal and it truly is. You’re not limited to the type of items you can carry on your person. Say your not comfortable with a firearm yet well that’s  okay because you can drop some pepper spray in the holster area and it fits great. Lets say you would like to go all “Mr and Mrs smith” and drop a knife in the holster area you can; but this isn’t just universal in the types of items you can conceal. Oh no it’s not! You can place this any where on your body that you can wrap up. So lets say you want to wrap it up all sexy on the thigh under a dress. Done!

edited_12e7b982-93b2-4f94-aee0-204fdee3eb82 cropI have wrapped it for Easter Sunday church under my dress. once it was in pace and adjusted it sat fine and needed no attention during wear. No one had any idea I was carrying  a firearm. (insert photo here please)  I have worn in under my jeans with my kel tec in the holster. Worked great and was very comfortable. I have also wrapped it on my ankle for around the house in my PJ’s. So, when I said universal  it really is.

You can order these from Amazon or directly from Lethal Lace. They retail at 57.99 and would be a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe.  Guys I am thinking this would make a great gift to a wife or girlfriend. This has been a go to item for me when I want to be dress up and not wear a standard belted holster. Be safe and pew pew pew!




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