Hornady suspends production of less popular offerings as back orders reach 2 years.

hornady-ammunition-logoThere has been a lot of conspiracy talk over the limited quantities of ammunition currently available and Hornady has release another statement regarding their production and future plans.

Basically Hornady is going to do everything it can to crank out as much ammo as it can as fast as it can.  In order to do that they are going to add more production capabilities and get more machine uptime by temporarily suspending offerings that are less popular.

For those who aren’t familiar, one machine can make several different kinds of ammunition depending on how it’s set up.  Think about your reloading press at home and how you can change out calibers on it or even just change out round nose vs hollow point seating options.

While it may only take you an hour to change out your press at home, these large professional machines can take up to an entire day to change over.  Considering one of these machines can makes tens of thousands of rounds an hour, you can see how just being down for one day can have a significant impact on output.

hist_building_2007Costs.  Hornaday addresses the cost of ammunition and states if prices are being raised it’s on the retail side, not the manufactures side.

The one thing all of you can do to help ease the ammo crunch is to not buy wildly over priced ammunition.  Simply don’t do it.  Capitalism is a beautiful thing and consumers on the free market can get prices back in line… if they want to.

Below you’ll find the text of Steve Hornady’s statement:

It’s important for everyone to know that our order demand is extremely high. And, even though we have temporarily suspended the production of some items, what we have left on order will take us almost two years to produce.

There is no conspiracy by the government to shut us down. This is not an effort on our part to raise prices. We haven’t raised prices. If they are higher. that’s at the store level not at the manufacturer.

We’re going to do everything we can by adding people, by adding machinery, and by adding square footage in order to try and make more of what you want to buy.

On the list of items that we’ve kept we have over 270 of our projectiles and over 140 different rounds of ammunition.

There is something in there for everyone, but there may not be some of the less popular items. By cutting down on that list – temporarily suspending them – we’re able to get more up time on our machinery and get more bullets out the door for you.

We want to thank you for your support.

We appreciate your patience and we hope that you understand this is a temporary situation only and we’re being honest with you and telling you what’s happening.

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