Holosun 510C Elite Review and water testing

We take a closer look at the Holsun 510C Elite from Holosun.

When I was choosing the 510C, I almost went with my old standby, a red dot.  I’m glad I went with the green instead.

A few years back a couple of companies attempted green dots for a second time and they did a decent job if you were only using them on a square range and under ideal lighting conditions.  The ones I tried fared poorly in bright sunlight or on very bright backgrounds.  If you were shooting in the snow?  Forget about it.

Holosun has been working on several new technologies and one of those is their current green dot.

I honestly can’t speak highly enough about it.  It’s crisp and clear, something I can have issue due to a slight astigmatism, and can get very, very bright.

If you tried green dots 5~ years ago and were turned off, you really need to give them another look IMO.

You can find the full review on the 13C YouTube Channel –

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