April 19th, the original Patriots Day.

Battle_of_Lexington_1775Two Hundred Thirty Nine years ago years of oppression and tyranny came to a head in Middlesex county.  The infamous “Shot Heard Round the World”.

It was actually quite a few shots that started in Lexington and Concord and continued as colonists Patriots defended themselves, their homes and families and chased the British through other towns like Lincoln, Menotony and Cambridge, back to Charlestown and starting the siege of Boston and the American Revolution.

I celebrate this day every year.  It’s a day where hundreds of people initially gathered and whose ranks swelled throughout the day and hundreds more Minutemen poured in to the area from all over New England.  Many knew each other but some Minutemen traveled for hours to join their countrymen, in some cases 12 hours or more.   It was historic and certainly unprecedented.

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