SHOT Show 2016 coverage delayed due to flood…

Water flowing from garage door opener outlet

Water flowing from garage door opener outlet

Yes, you read that correctly but the flood is actually at the 13C hacienda.  Upon returning from SHOT Show 2016 I found a pipe had burst here completely flooding the garage,  it would seem we had a long power outage with the temperatures hovering near the 0 degree mark.  My main focus over the weekend was trying to minimize the damage and the inventory losses.

I’m writing the post after getting home Monday night (Tuesday morning) after being gone 19 hours today for the day job, so forgive any type-O’s or the occasional run-on.

We had a blast at SHOT show, from Industry Day at the Range to 4 full days on the floor, it was non-stop…

We have a lot to bring you and I’ll work my hardest to try and have an article up for everyone by Thursday morning if I can.  Worst case scenario I’ll have an article up and video by the end of the weekend.



Look for everything from information on the newest CMMG MUTANT, to a .338 Lapua offering from Savage, 12 gauge shotguns of all flavors from new semi-autos to bullpups and new optics offerings including a new no questions asked warranty from Bushnell as well.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!
-Joe and the 13C team

Ps: If you are looking for pictures from the show right away, check out the 13C Instagram Page

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