Registration always leads to confiscation. NYPD is sending out confiscation letters.


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“Register your guns” they said… “No one is coming to take them” they said…

The latest outrage comes from New York and the thieves at the NYPD.  In blatant disregard for their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution letters are going out to gun owners requiring them to turn in firearms or move them out of the state.  IMMEDIATELY.

Registration always leads to confiscation.  Always.  It isn’t a myth or some delusional fear by some guy in a wood cabin wearing a aluminum foil hat (Tin works better), it’s been proven time and again all across the globe and now from one coast of this country to the other.

I feel for our brothers and sisters in NY and every state where politicians and law enforcement officers ignore the Constitution and violate their oaths on what is quickly becoming a daily basis.  It’s seems basic human Rights, such as being secure in your person, papers and possessions and the Right to self defense mean nothing to some people any more.

Stand up, let your voices be heard.  We shouldn’t write any state off.  We are all living under the same Constitution.

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