Mobile target stands and building your own

target stand kneelingAs many of you know the 13C range is currently under construction, in fact it’s about a 1/3 done at this point.

The problem I’ve been having in the interim is with target stands, I can’t set up anything permanent right now because more dirt and heavy equipment is still being delivered and maneuvered.

You’ve seen my make shift old campaign sign style targets from time to time as well as my mobile steel target setups but I’ve wanted something for full sized paper targets.

The mobile stands I made are very easy to do and can be done with few tools and fairly quickly.  They are also inexpensive, about $15 each if you are making a pair.

You can see the video for these stands here:

The material list for one target includes the following:

2- 1×2″ 8′ sections of wood, I used furring strips.  97 cents each
2- 1×3″ 8′ sections of wood, again I used furring strips (you can make 2 stands with 3 8′ sections) $1.17 each
1- section of 1.5″ PVC tubing , I bought a 12′ section. $3.50 each
4- 90 degree PVC elbows, female/female ended about $1.50 each
2- “T” PVC fittings. All female ends about $2 each
12 wood screws 1 3/4″ length (I used #10 diameter).  You might want to use 14 or 16 for a little more strength

Eye protection
Screw driver (preferably power)
Drill (preferably power) with bit appropriate for screw diameter you choose.
Tape measure

Optional things that might be nice-
PVC glue if you want to make the connections permanent
Appropriate saws for wood and PVC
Saw horses

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