Review of the Auto Reset target from Challenge Targets

IMG_4257shrunkThe latest 13C review is live on You Tube.

Since the first “PING!” I heard off a steel target I’ve loved them.  They are addictive and add another level to plinking or target shooting.  One of the down sides in the past to steel targets were their lack of portability.  A few manufactures have taken that issue to task and Challenge Targets is one of them.

ARtargetfrontToday I’m taking a look at the Auto Reset handgun target, it’s similar in design to the Stake and Shoot rifle rated target I reviewed last year but with a new twist.  Instead of having a spring system that just flexes or leans backwards, the Auto Reset actually falls down and then pops back up.  It’s not something you would normally see on such a portable and easy to transport target and it’s accomplished with a simple spring.

You can read my full review over on The Bang Switch.

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You can find the Auto Reset target here.

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