F90 Atrax from Lithgow Arms at the Big 3 East – B3E

joe-firingA look at the new F90 Atrax Bullpup from Lithgow Arms during the Fall 2016 Big 3 East event in Daytona, FLA.

These two models were Select fire, aka Full-Auto, the civilian models will be semi-automatic only.

Lithgow is hoping for an estimated shipping date for the Atrax around SHOT show 2017 (mid January).  13C will be doing a full review on this  rifle when it launches, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and Facebook Page to stay up to date on this project.

This event was cut short due to the arrival of Hurricane Mathew but we still have a lot of great coverage and footage from the events.  Thank you for bearing with us during these difficult filming conditions of high heat and humidity.

To learn more about the Big 3 East, please visit:

You can find the video at the 13C YouTube channel .

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