ECHO trigger from FosTech, practical use and full review

echo 3 rounds air 1The ECHO trigger from FosTech is a blast to shoot, no doubt but what about it’s practical applications?

Bumpstocks, while a fun way to send lead down range in a hurry aren’t very practical.  I know some guys who can get off bursts fairly accurately but with all that sliding around, it just isn’t suited for much more than having fun.  There is nothing wrong with that but what about sending a lot of lead down range AND being able to drop quick controlled pairs when you want to?

That’s the beauty of the ECHO trigger from FosTech, you can blast away with it and when you’re ready to a bit more practical and with a little bit of practice you can be landing controlled pairs quickly.

The ECHO trigger has 3 settings-
Safe Mode: Firearm will not fire.
Semi-Automatic Mode: Firearm fires when trigger is pulled.
Echo Mode: Firearm fires when trigger is pulled and also when trigger is released.

This is honestly a review best done in video format and it’s live over on the 13C YouTube Channel–  YouTube removed this video but you can still find it on GunStreamer and Full30-

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