SecureIt Agile 52 gun cabinet

Today we are going to take a look at the Agile 52 Gun Cabinet from SecureIt.

Gun Storage and gun storage ideas have evolved over the past several decades.  One of the current driving factors for lighter gun storage solutions here in America can be directly attributed to two main factors:

1- People move frequently.  Depending on the study, the average American under 60 moves every 5 years.

2- Inexpensive quality power tools.  Most notably the angle grinder, no longer do you need a massive and expensive K12 to cut through most steel.

Videos abound on YouTube of people cutting into traditional safes found in most big box stores between 400 and 1,000 pounds with a simple angle grinder and some time.  The question then becomes is it worth the extra weight and costs of buying one if theft is the primary concern?  Only you can answer that.

The Agile 52 uses 14 gauge steel (traditional safes use 11 to 16 gauge) but saves weight by removing any “fire protection”… which for many big box safes is simply dry wall.

CradleGrid technology is the name SecureIt has given to their system which allows for a user configurable interior to adjust height and location of all the internal components and accessories.

No matter what you choose to secure your firearms, you should have a multi tiered approach to home security.  A quality alarm with a backup system for both power and calling out, cameras with push notifications and hardened exterior doors just for starters.  It’s 2018 and cameras are very inexpensive, getting a push notification of someone walking up to your house is worth it’s weight in gold, even if their face is obscured you can call police yourself if you aren’t home and they defeat your alarm before it can call out.  That’s a topic for another post though.

You can find the Agile 52 HERE .

We cover assembly as well as organization and other thoughts in the full review on the 13C YouTube Channel

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