Mepro TruDot RDS and why it’s replacing my Eotech XPS2

mepro crop blogIt’s been hard not to hear about the Eotech issues over the past few months.  Some people have decided to return their holographic sights while others have opted to keep them.

In my case, I was using an Eotech XPS-2 on a IWI Tavor, my home defense rifle.  In a worst case scenario this rifle can go from a comfortable indoor temperature of 72 degrees f to outside at night in the dead of winter facing extremes as low as -28 degrees f.  For me the risk of a Point of Impact (POI) shift was too great of a risk.  Be it two legged or four legged threats here on the Hacienda, I need my rifle and my optic to work no matter what.

I’ve had quite a bit of experience with the Meprolight Tru-Dot RDS over the past year and a half and a black friday sale last year at The Mako Group finally made me take the plunge and buy one for myself.

The Tru-Dot has several advantages over the XPS-2.  It takes a very common AA battery and is rated for “thousands of hours” of use.  In comparison the XPS2 has a battery life of about 60 hours at the highest setting, although I never managed to have mine last for more than about 30 hours on one battery.

trudot rearField of View is about the same, in appearance their might be a slight edge to the Tru-Dot.  The reticle is biggest difference.  The XPS-2 has that famous 65 MOA ring, which I really like.  The Tru-Dot has a 1.8 MOA dot only, sometimes advertised as 2MOA. This is my preferred size for a rifle RDS so there is definitely no issue there, even if I do miss the 65 MOA ring for a optic like this.

trudot mutant sidetrudot mutant sideThe Tru-Dot comes in 1.5 ounces heavier at 10.6 ounces which for a rifle optic is fairly negligible IMO.  Overall dimensions are relatively the same as well with the Tru-Dot losing out in overall length by about an inch.

For the purposes of this review, the majority of testing was done mounted on a CMMG Mutant Mk47 AKS13 which is also currently being reviewed by 13C.  That review should be live in the next two weeks as it’s finalized.  Until then you can see you the “first look” review HERE .

The full review and more thoughts are live on the 13C YouTube page right now-

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