Fundamentals of Fighting Rifle Level 2 – Paladin Combatives

This article is part two in an ongoing series on rifle uses and training. You can find part one HERE .

Fundamental of Fighting Rifle Level 2
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Paladin Combatives offers a number of training classes in everything from mindset to concealed carry to fighting pistol and rifle classes.  The class I took last weekend was their Fundamentals of Fighting Rifle – Level 2 class.

The class started promptly and no time was wasted diving right into what we’d be covering for the day.

After a brief, but concise, safety intro we spent some time refreshing course material from Fighting Rifle Fundamentals Lvl 1 and a very quick session to confirm zeros.

Confirming zeros means just that, confirming them, in a level 2 class you are expected to have your firearm already zero’d and ready to go.  While we are on the subject, don’t try and sneak your way into a level 2 class if you haven’t already covered level 1 material in another class.

shrunk IMG_9070Level 2 classes are designed to improve what you already learned in a level 1 class, things like proper rifle handling, marksmanship, proper reloads and malfunction clearings are something you must already know so those skills can be built upon.

I know that “I’ve been shooting all my life” can be a reason for trying to skip a level 1 class but if you’ve never taken a level 1 class from a skilled instructor at a reputable school there will, without a doubt, be things you are lacking in and that will be glaringly apparent in a level 2 class.  Trust me, you’ll be much happier and be able to more quickly pick up the new material and skills you are learning if you already have the foundations down.

After we confirmed our zero’s we moved into the rest of the course material.  We covered more movement, more transitions, working with barricades and some team exercises.

Joe FFR lvl2 2When it comes to team exercises some people don’t quite understand them or “why a civilian needs to know that” .  I’ll try and interject my thoughts on the matter.  First, do you have a spouse?  What happens when the terrorist style attacks on shopping malls and train stations we see overseas hit home here in the USA?  It doesn’t even have to be foreign terrorists.

The Columbine mass murders involved two shooters going on a rampage in a school.  That exact same scenario could happen in your local mall or grocery store.  What if gunman are between you and your only exit?  What if gunman are between you and your parents who have your infant child on the other side of the mall?  Trying to get across a parking lot?  The scenarios are endless.

Granted you you probably won’t have a rifle but the fundamentals are the same and easily carry over.

Another reason is because you are a fracking American and you have a Right to.  When the Founding Fathers wrote about “well regulated”, they meant well trained and they meant YOU.  Bakers, Lawyers, Farmers, Doctors and Fisherman defeated the British.  Not a bunch of career soldiers.  Ultimately it is your responsibility to protect yourself, your family, your home and your country.  Why would anyone wish to shirk those responsibilities or not be able to fulfill them should unfortunate need ever arise?

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13C’s CMMG Mk 4 RCE waterlogged but 100%

The class ended with a recap and debrief and while everyone was a bit tired and a little wet from some of the rain, they were all very pleased with the days instruction and I know everyone walked away improved skill set.

I’m looking forward to their next class and you’ll be seeing a lot more practice and drills going on at the 13C range as well now that it is completed.

Click HERE to find the Paladin Combatives website and you can also find them on FaceBook .

Here is AAR video from the class we posted to YouTube

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