Remington’s new 1911 R1 Ultralight Executive

Testing for the full review on the new 1911 R1 Ultralight Executive from Remington is complete and the results are in.

Two months ago we gave you the first ‘in the wild’ video on the R1 Ultralight Executive: FIRST LOOK: The R1 1911 Ultralight Executive from Remington .  Initial testing was extremely positive and it ate all the dirty reloads we could feed it.  It was also our first attempt at pulling off a non stop video with no cuts detailing our experiences in an unedited format.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive so we decided to try it again for the full review.  Read more »

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Bowers VERS 458 SOCOM Silencer & CMMG Anvil MkW-15 review

458 SOCOM is one of those niche calibers that you really can’t appreciate until you get behind one and start shooting it. For me it’s probably not something I’d get much practical use out of right now but my dreams of moving back south one day live on. If I do, this hard hitting round makes for an ideal hog slayer as Lone Star Boars regularly demonstrates in their videos.

The .458 SOCOM round has a wide variety of chamberings from 140 grains all the way up to 500 grains and if you want the most of out your rifle and silencer the pair we just tested seems to fit that bill nicely. Read more »

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HatsanUSA MOD 125 Sniper Vortex QE review and Intro to Air Rifles

Air Rifles are something we haven’t covered here at 13C before and we’ve had several questions and suggestions from subscribers on these so it’s definitely time to take a look at some.

The first air gun we are taking a look at is the MOD 125 Sniper Vortex QE from HatsanUSA. Coming in at 9.3 pounds and pushing a lead .22 pellet up to 1,000fps or a lead free pellet up to 1250fps this isn’t the old pellet rifle from when I was a child. Read more »

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“Multiburst Trigger Activator” ban- Indiana State Senator introduces anti-gun bills.

Sen. Greg Taylor

State Senator Greg Taylor (D, Dist 33) has introduced two different bills for the 2018 legislative session poised at limitng the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Indiana.

These bills deal with legislators being allowed to carry handguns to the Capitol Complex and a ban on a so called “multiburst trigger activator”.

SB 148 would prevent fellow Senators and Representatives from carrying their otherwise lawfully possessed handgun onto the Capitol complex without first taking “specific handgun training”.  Exactly what this training is? No one really knows and it doesn’t seem to be specified at this point.

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Christmas Special at the 13C Swag shop. $30 for one of everything!

Merry Christmas my friends!

From now until December 26th, or supplies run out, we are running a special for “One of Everything”.

1 each of:
American Christmas FightSoap
American Spring FightSoap and matching limited edition patch
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Click HERE to visit the 13C Swag Shop.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone! Read more »


Blue Alpha Gear at IV8888 5th Annual Range Day

Kurt from Blue Alpha Gear took a few minutes away from the range to join us for a brief chat about their Hybrid EDC Belt and Low Profile Belt.  For those who aren’t familiar with Blue Alpha Gear they are small business based out of Atlanta, GA and provide a lifetime warranty for all their products.

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Surefire SOCOM 566-RC2 w/ Wolf A1 Piston Upper

With the Wolf A1 Piston upper in for testing we wanted to start the testing off right so we put a Surefire SOCOM 566-RC2 on it and got to work.

The SOCOM name was earned after the U.S. Special Operations Command selected it for their M4 and Mk18 carbines.   Read more »


First Look: Remington R1 1911 Ultralight Executive

Brand new and in the wild, the first R1 1911 Ultralight Executive from Remington is in for testing.

Remington is coming hard with their latest 1911 offering, the R1 Ultralight Executive features a 3.5″ match bull barrel, tritium night sights, rounded and deburred edges, g10 grips, skeletonized  hammer and adjustable trigger and checked front strap just to get started.
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13C Subscriber discount codes and links.

Currently a number of manufactures and distributors are offering discounts for 13C Subscribers, below is a list of the current active codes and discounts as of April 2017.

One of the best ways you can help support 13C is to use the links and codes below when placing an order with our industry friends.

Even if you find a better discount code, such as during Black Friday sales, please remember to use our referral links when possible. Read more »

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AAC M4-2000 Silencer w/ Bushmaster ACR

After our review on the Bushmaster ACR Enhanced vs DMR we were inundated with requests for a followup shooting it suppressed.

The M4-2000 from Advanced Armament Corporation utilizes a AAC 51t Blackout Flasher for mounting and one is already standard an OEM item from Bushmaster on the ACR so it was great pairing for the followup. Read more »

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